Briggs and Riley – Best Value with a Lifetime Guarantee

Pete Silverman has been selling luggage for over 24 years; not only does Pete sell luggage, he has been managing luggage repair centers for over 24 years as well, where an average of 900 bags pass through the door annually. Now this is a guy whose opinion matters when it comes to selecting luggage; and time after time when asking Pete which luggage is the best, his reply is always the same, Briggs & Riley.

Per Mr. Silverman, if you are an avid traveler, for business or pleasure, spending many nights on the road, Briggs & Riley is the only way to go:

  • The quality is superior. Although Briggs & Riley offers a lifetime guarantee, rarely, if ever, are repairs needed. If you have any trouble with your Briggs & Riley luggage, there are absolutely no questions asked; the bag is simply repaired or replaced, free of charge.
  • The designs are superior.  Briggs and Riley continue to strive to make the most intelligent user friendly, bags on the market: lighter & stronger, wrinkle free packing, speed thru security features and more.
  • The diversity of the bags is superior.  Briggs & Riley makes over 70 different bags to suit many different customer needs; Baseline for the road warriors, Transcend for the leisure travelers, @Work for accomplished professionals and Verb for the tech savvy.

In Pete’s opinion, “Tumi and Hartmann, while in a similar price bracket, do not offer nearly the value.” Briggs & Riley has a “simple as that guarantee”; Pete Silverman has a “simple as that answer” when it comes to the best luggage for the money, Briggs & Riley!

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