The Importance of Luggage Tags

Where does all that lost and unclaimed luggage in the United States go? Do the airlines have a silent auction at their holiday parties?  Is it used as bonuses for the baggage handlers? Is there really a Bermuda Triangle and is that where all that lost luggage has gone?

While all those sound plausible, the truth of the matter is much of this lost, unclaimed luggage goes to a company called Unclaimed Luggage, in Scottsboro, Alabama.

Unclaimed Luggage has exclusive contracts with many US airlines. Not only are many of the lost and unclaimed bags sent there but all their content is as well.

Below is just a sampling of the unusual and valuable things found and sold over the years:

  • 40.5 carat natural emerald
  • Egyptian Artifacts dating back to 1500 B.C.
  • A special camera designed for NASA’s Space Shuttle
  • 5.8 carat diamond ring
  • A complete, neatly packed parachute
  • Barbie Doll with $500 worth of bills inside her head
  • Guidance system for an F-16 fighter jet valued at a quarter of a million dollars
  • Rattle Snake
  • Ruby valued at $13,000
  • Swiss Army watch valued at $18,000
  • Underwater Camera valued at $1,800

Over one million items pass through this store annually. Need I say more??? Buy luggage tags before heading out on your next trip!  Another tip….put a copy of your ticket inside your luggage too!

Happy and Safe Travels from Irv’s Luggage!

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