Airline Carry On Size Requirements

The Travel Goods Industry published an article today on the airline size regulations for carry-on bags.  It’s just one more article on a subject that seems to change carry on luggage size requirements every day. There is a domestic size requirement for luggage and an international size requirement for carry-on bags. The TGI suggests that it may also now depend upon the type of plane that you’re traveling on. It’s hard for travelers to keep all the airline carry on bag size regulations straight.

So what is the definitive answer to the size requirements for carry on bags?  The International Air Transport Association offers this advice for carry on luggage for domestic flights.  Note that the word ‘advice’ is the operative here.

“Carry-on baggage must be stowed in the aircraft cabin which limits baggage to a size, weight and shape to fit under a passenger seat or in a storage compartment. Cabin baggage should have maximum length of 22″ (56 cm), width of 18″ (45 cm) and depth of 10″ (25 cm). These dimensions include wheels, handles, side pockets, etc. Baggage allowed onboard may vary from one to two pieces per passenger. Check with your airline as to what is allowed.”

Traveling internationally?  Good luck. The best advise for carry on bags is to check with the airline. However, a solid guideline for international size requirements for carry on luggage is:

“A 20″ carry-on is currently the most recommended size for international travel. The total measurements for a 20″ carry-on should add up to less than 45 linear inches or 115 cm (length + width + depth), which fits the requirements of many airlines. However, there are different restrictions for commuter aircraft and regional jets, and not all airlines are the same. But if you tell customers to follow what the major airlines like United Airlines and British Airways are doing, you’re giving good advice.”

The saga of carry on luggage size requirements continues…  until next week!

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