The Much Needed Accessory for 2010’s Most Popular Electronic Gift – the iPad!

Based upon sales records, it looks like the Apple iPad will clearly be one of the most popular electronic gifts to give or receive this year. With WiFi virtually everywhere and apps for everything from shopping to remotely turning on/off lights at home, to reading books, to watching movies and even mapping your way around town… the iPad will clearly be a 2010 holiday favorite. So, when you get your iPad… just how to you keep it pristine and ‘like new’?

Enter the world of iPad cases. Hmmm…what a great idea. Some of the more clever manufacturers have launched an entire line of iPad cases. At the low end of the price point – but not low end in quality or appeal – is the neoprene iPad case from Built NY. Choose from either a sleeve or an ‘envelope’ style. Two color styles from Built NY are basic black and the city grid. I like the look and feel of this iPad case. Neoprene is marketed as the wetsuit fabric for scuba divers. It is waterproof and offers excellent, scratchproof protection and is remarkably lightweight.  This is great protection for your iPad for under $30.

If you prefer leather, then there are beautiful offerings and unique selections from Passage 2, Lodis leather or MyWalit.  Passage 2 offers both an envelope style as well as the traditional zippered style and is priced at under $35. Lodis Wallets is, of course, renown for fine leather products and offers their Daisy collection leather iPad sleeve in black and burgundy and is priced at $88. Last and highest on the price scale is MyWalit Leather Wallets. Offered in the traditional MyWalit colors of Purple Haze and Black Pace, this envelope style iPad case is as unique as the person carrying it.

So, if you are one of the lucky recipients of an iPad this year. Good for you! Protect it with an iPad case to keep your new gift in pristine condition. There are lots of outstanding choices and this investment is well worth the money.

p.s. Note to husband: The wife would really prefer an iPad this year.  Maybe, just maybe, it might actually beat out last year’s gift of a new John Deere lawnmower as my favorite all time gift…just in case you were wondering.

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