Take Advantage of Free Carry On Bags While you Can

“According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, airlines collected $2.1 billion in fees during the third quarter of 2010 alone; that includes more than $900 million in baggage fees.”

Yikes, it is definitely time to simplify your wardrobe and travel light, with only a carry-on bag, as airlines find new ways to improve their bottom line!!!

However, the “no charge for carry-on bags” policy may soon be ending as well.  George Hobica of “airfarewatchdog’ recently posted his predictions on what may be coming in 2011:

1.    Pay a fee for that infant on your lap.
2.    Pay a fee if you use a live body to check-in at the airport
3.    Pay a small fee if paying with a credit card.
4.    Pay for checked bags by the pound.
5.    Name change fees, “ buy a non-refundable ticket you can’t use, so rather than throwing it out you’ll pay a fee to assign it to another passenger.”
6.     No more refunds if the fare goes down between the time you buy the ticket and the time you fly. (heck, I didn’t know this was available now).
7.    Carry-on bag fees.
8.    Fare lock-in fees – “Continental offered this for the first time in late 2010 (you pay a fee, which varies depending on the route, to lock in a fare for three or seven days), and as of this writing other airlines haven’t followed suit. But will they in 2011?”
9.    For the convenience of booking your flight through the internet, the airlines will charge you a fee.

Ok, some of these seem to be a bit of a stretch……… but the days of the “free” carry- on are surely coming to an end, so take advantage while you can…..choose one of the wonderful carry-on bags from Briggs & Riley, Samsonite, Travelpro or Delsey today!!!

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