The Styles of Commuting Women

Every morning at 6:40am I drive  my oldest to the train for the long commute to school. The train station is usually packed with an assortment of business people and students…men, women, kids – all rushing madly to make the final ‘express’ train to the city. On most mornings, it’s a ‘drop and run’ as the kid literally jumps out of the car to make the dash for the train. Lately, though, with the brutal cold, I park and wait until the train actually pulls into the station. Then the kid actually can sit in a warm car. Since I work at a luggage store, I have been watching what kind of bags people carry. Typically, the men vary between the usual standard, black, double gusseted business briefcase, or the latest in commuter gear – a business backpack. Women, though, seem to carry a wide variety of briefs…both wheeled and carried bags. Two caught my eye this morning…

1.       The International Traveler wheeled laptop briefcase with a zebra pattern. What really caught my eye were the wonderfully rich colors, the sleek styling and the matching laptop sleeve. This bag turned a lot of heads this morning as it wheeled its way to the train. As the train pulled in, the owner put her laptop into the matching sleeve and dropped it into the center section of the bag.  Once she retracted the handle, she picked up the bag by the carry handles and put it on the train. Easy, convenient, lots of storage and looks great! What more could someone ask?

2.       The second bag that caught my eye was styled like a very large handbag, but it was clearly a laptop case. This bag was the McKlein W Series – The Winnetka, a ladies laptop leather briefcase in red. The straps were long enough to wear as a shoulder bag. Stylish, leather, and seemingly plenty of room for the laptop as well as lots of personal items.  For the professional woman, this seems like the perfect laptop case.

Tomorrow I’ll keep watch for more of what the women carry. Men are easy… women like to make their own statement with their own styles and colors.

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