Hot Greens from Dooney & The North Face

The color green…symbolic of ecology…symbolic of money…the irrefutable symbol of good luck for the Irish and now seems to be one of the hottest colors of the season. Since I work in a luggage emporium, I get to preview all the new styles and products as they come directly from the manufacturers.  What caught my eye recently are the stunning green handbags from Dooney & Bourke and neon green backpacks from The North Face. I’ve always believed that these industry giants typically lead the world in fashion direction and all other handbag and backpack wannabes follow behind. Clearly, there have been multitudes of green handbags and backpacks in the past, but none with the vibrancy, color, style, texture and design that Dooney and North Face are introducing.

New from Dooney & Bourke is the Wavy Leather Grommet Shopper in Green. The first thing to catch your eye is the stunning and vibrant color green, tastefully accented with light tan leather straps. Now, let’s see, leather typically comes from cows…I cannot remember ever seeing a cow with this color or this wavy texture.  The obvious aside, this is an incredibly stunning bag. The color is a bright green, perfect for spring (if it ever comes) and the exterior leather has a smooth, yet ruffled feel. The leather has an odd wavy grain texture that is reminiscent of soft ocean waves, which makes this Dooney bag unique. I’m not a big handbag person, but I love this bag. The Wavy texture is the perfect accent and makes this a rich and eye-catching bag. Leave it to Dooney to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Another recent ‘green’ addition to the Dooney line is the Dooney Croco Leather Collection Satchel in (appropriately named) Grass. True to its Croco heritage, the color is an amazing shade of green…not vibrant like the Wavy Grommet Shopper, but a rich, robust shade and texture that would make any crocodile proud.  Last but not least is the new Dooney Venus Large Nina in Green. This eye-popping color is reminiscent of stop-light green. Bold, vibrant, shiny and definitely eye catching.

On to the other trend leader…The North Face. Introducing The North Face Truckee Green Backpack. Available in the popular Recon, Yavapai and Borealis styles, Truckee Green may be the next ‘hottest’ color to hit the backpack circuit. School kid’s purchases of a new backpack for school are all about brand, color and style. The new North Face Truckee Green is sure to make lots of school kids very happy. My daughter has her eye on the Truckee Green Borealis, which she will most likely get. Thank goodness she’s not into Dooney handbags yet, or her mother would be broke!

Not sure if the focus on green is a hopeful prediction of a better economy or simply a new look at an underutilized and popular color. Green…symbolic of ecology, luck and wealth…let’s hope for the best.

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