Airline Fees Rise Again Top Ten Tips for Packing Efficiently

Attention air travelers, some of the major airlines have once again raised their checked-baggage fees, so in order to avoid the growing expense of air travel, I am once again reviewing the top packing tips to ensure you are packing with the greatest efficiency while preparing for your next trip:

1.       Roll your clothes

2.       Pack lightweight fast dry clothing (Exofficio Travel Clothing

3.       Bring washing soap

4.       Bring only a few pieces of versitile clothing and several accessories

(scarves, jewelry, etc)

5.    Lay out what you want to bring and put half of it back, bring only your favorites!

6.       Use only travel size toiletries 

7.       Use Pack-it Cubes

8.       Use Compression Sacs

9.       Use only lightweight luggage

10.     Use only a carry-on bag

Traveling is all about the experiences and your attitude, not about your wardrobe, so simplify and pack smart and put your hard in money in the bank and not the coffers of the airlines!!!

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