The Best Carry On Bags for International Travel

Ten years ago, a carry-on bag was a carry-on bag was a carry-on bag. You could use your “carry-on” bag on whichever airlines you chose and wherever you traveled throughout the world.  There also weren’t that many luggage brands to consider: Samsonite, Delsey or International Traveller Luggage. Today, things are a little different. What may be considered a “carry-on” by some airlines may not be considered a “carry-on” by others.  What most people do not realize is that many of the 21” and 22” bags being sold on the market today as “carry-on” bags cannot be “carried-on” all international flights.

If you want a carry-on that will get you through 70% of airports you need to go with a 20” bag; and not to complicate matters but not all 20” bags will work either. Unfortunately some of the newer 20” wide-body carry-on bags will not make it through all the smaller U.S. airports because of their width. The best 20” choice is the Travelpro Crew 8 20” Rollaboard. The Travelpro Crew 8 20” is a terrific piece of luggage; with 43 linear inches of packing space, 1050D nylon fabric with DuraGuard fabric protection and weighing in at 8.7 pounds this bag is extremely durable and well designed. With multiple organizational pockets and a computer sleeve in the full featured business organizer and the removable, sealed, waterproof ball-bearing inline skate wheels, this carry-on is smaller but has it all!!

However, if you want to make it through 90% of airports, you will have to go with something even smaller; with a piece of luggage measuring in at no greater than 17.7 x 13.4 x 7.9 inches.  What is your best choice here? The Briggs & Riley Baseline Wheeled Compact Tote;  with a front wet/dry section with multiple organizer pockets and a flat packing section with a garment securing panel to minimize wrinkling, this is the best bag to combine both your personal and business packing needs when doing extensive travel around the world.

In conclusion, for all you very serious globe trotters out there, who want a “carry-on” bag that works practically everywhere in the world, check out the Travelpro Crew 8 20” and the Briggs & Riley Baseline Wheeled Compact Tote at Irv’s Luggage today!

2 responses to “The Best Carry On Bags for International Travel

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  2. Great point! So many bags that are marketed as carry on bags won’t be allowed on all flights. Domestic airlines usually allow larger bags than international, but there is no set standard across all airlines. Buyer beware.

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