The Best Leather You Can Buy for the Money

Graduation, birthday, wedding gifts, I do not know about you, but I have a hard time buying gifts.  There is so much merchandise to choose from and sometimes the quality is just not there; the pricing has gotten ridiculous and with today’s economy the budget has gotten smaller too. So finding the right gift over the last few years has been tough…… until I discovered David King Leather.

David King Leather Bags are exquisite and the pricing is amazing.  David King sells briefcases, messenger bags, luggage, duffels, backpacks and handbags made from gorgeous Vacqueta leather.

Vacqueta leather has a beautiful soft texture that is refined through a unique hand process.  David King Leather products are absolutely the best quality, natural leather products you can buy for the money; and don’t let the pricing fool you because the quality is there.   The stitching, the lining, the hardware and above all the leather will outlast many of the other higher-end brands now available.

Before I was in the leather business I had never heard of David King; so that is why I am writing this blog and spreading the word.  David King is the best kept secret out there!!  Whether it is your favorite graduate,  a close friend’s birthday or some family member’s special day, the smile on the face of the recipient receiving David King will have you coming back for more!  Once you feel and see this amazing collection, you too will be hooked.  Check out David King today!!!

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