Graduation Gift Ideas – Our Top Choices

Based up on the number of sales that we’ve received in the last few weeks, clearly a lot of college graduates are going to receive leather laptop cases as their college  graduation gift. Right now the top laptop case brands are literally flying out of the door – we can barely ship these laptop cases fast enough. Second place in the graduation gift category are leather business card cases. Third most popular graduation gifts are accessories for all of the electronic products (think iPad, Kindle, iPhone) and last but not least are the whimsical, purely congratulatory gifts.   Yes, graduation season is upon us… college graduation, medical school graduation and very soon… high school graduation.  If you don’t have a graduate yourself, then it is highly likely that you know of someone who will be graduating this year. Wish them well with a memorable gift that they will cherish. Here are some of the top graduation gift ideas.

1.       Leather laptop case – aka: leather briefcase is the top seller. Any business graduate will need something professional for either their interviews or the actual job. One of our best selling leather laptop cases is the Kenneth Cole Leather – Mind Your Own Business Leather Computer Case. With a choice of brown leather or tan leather, this computer bag is professional looking, holds the standard size 15.5 inch laptop and features organizers for PDAs and cell phones. This beautiful Kenneth Cole leather bag is on sale at Irv’s Luggage for $139 – a full 65% savings over the MSRP.

2.       Not into leather?  Take a look at the Victorinox Architecture 2.0 laptop case sale. Known as the Swiss Army brand, Victorinox has a huge range of business laptop cases for both men and women.  The Victoriox Wainwright is sale priced at $117 and the  Wainwright leather counterpart is on sale at $216.75. Victorinox has a huge line of women’s laptop cases for the graduating woman… take a look at the Tate women’s laptop tote and the Windsor laptop briefcase. What I like is the feminine styling and, yes, women need laptop cases too!

3.       A monogrammed leather business card case is a perfect congratulatory gift for any college graduate. At $50 my first choice would be the Hartmann belting leather business card case. For a limited time, this leather card case can be monogrammed for free at Irv’s Luggage.  Adding personalization makes this a very special gift. There are other gorgeous brands of leather business card cases from Johnston & Murphy, Bosca, Tumi and Tony Perotti. Think how long you’ve carried your business card case… my monogrammed leather card case is a fixture in my pocket!

4.       Hooray for iPad, Kindle & iPhones. These electronic products have certainly created an information revolution among the college and high school kids. Plus, the accessories make great gift ideas for any graduate. Know someone who is getting (or has) an iPad?  A leather iPad case makes a perfect gift. Or, check out the leather smartphone cases from Lodis. If you need a nice graduation gift under $50, consider either as the perfect gift idea.

More graduation gifts ideas will follow in the next blog. For now, though, congratulations to all graduates. Welcome to the wonderful world of work (oh, yeah, forgot to mention that ‘work’ is really a four letter word )

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