Best Hardsided Luggage Reviews

Hardsided luggage, many of the top luggage brands offer it, Samsonite, Heys USA, Antler, Rimowa Luggage, Bric’s Luggage and International Traveller.  With the many choices in the marketplace, consumers want to know if hardsided luggage travels well, what is hardsided luggage’ packing capacity and the dependability of cheap luggage sets. Continuing with Irv’s Luggage series on customer luggage reviews, this week we will be looking at the top customer reviews of hardsided luggage:

Crown Edition by Heys USA Crown V 26″ Spinner Case

Excellent case

This is an excellent suitcase. First, [Crown Luggage] has more storage space than other cases of its size, presumably due to the fact that it has a frameless construction. It glides along with no effort, and it’s strong enough that I can rest my 20 pound computer case on top of it as I roll it along. After a few trips, the shell is holding up very well. It looks like this case and I are going to have a long and happy relationship. I’ve saving up for another (smaller) case now!

Strong, Durable, Classy

Used the product on a week trip to San Francisco where I would need to keep under the airline’s weight limit and still be able to bring dress and casual items. This bag did not disappoint in its large capacity, security, and durability. The bag looks virtually new even with the handling from the airlines and weather. The diamond finish definitely helps it stand out from the crowd of cloth luggage on the carousel, definitely a high recommendation.   

Samsonite F’Lite GT 31″ Upright High Sierra

Awesome piece of luggage

Just bought this luggage to use on a recent trip to Singapore, luggage was very roomy. Protected my fragile items well and stood up to International travel well. I previously bought a hard side Samsonite suitcase back in 1995 of the same material and it is still good, holding up well and I still use it. Only bought this one because I needed a bigger suitcase. So would wholeheartedly recommend this one to anyone.

Excellent build quality

It is a good size piece of luggage that weighs very little yet is still rugged enough to withstand a beating.

Heys 4 Wheel Drive 3 Piece Hard side Luggage Set

The lightest luggage we have ever had

Cruising, and with airlines charging for overweight, this luggage is perfect… more people come up and ask us, “Where did you get that”… Ours is bright orange. We constantly   recommend it…

Samsonite Winfield 28″ Expandable Spinner

This is wonderful luggage. Great for airport security and customs, I was shocked that it was made  in China though. Can’t we make these right here in the USA????

International Traveller Large Dot 28″ 4 Wheel Upright

Freakin Sweet!

Has more space than I originally thought it would. Spinner wheels make maneuvering and walkingthrough airport super easy. Received compliments from other passengers on the cool look and design. Very durable-took this on a plane trip and a cruise. Now I want the rest of the set!

International Traveller Augusta 20″ 4 Wheel Upright

A great case to transport a dialysis machine

My husband is on dialysis and we needed a hard sided wheeled case to transport his cycler machine when traveling. The case that is sold for the machine is very big and quite expensive. We ordered this case to use on an upcoming trip to Aruba. The measurements seemed perfect, however when the case arrived it was about 1″ too small and that was because of the interior rounded corners. We returned the 20″ case and purchased the same case in the 24″ and it is perfect. […] we plan to recommend this case to other patients at the dialysis center. Our trip is in a couple weeks, so I will write back and let you know exactly how the case worked out…going through the airport, security, check-in etc…  

Rimowa Salsa Air 26″ Multiwheel Upright


Best lightweight luggage!

Traveling light.

2 responses to “Best Hardsided Luggage Reviews

  1. Excellent Quality…

    Its really good size piece of luggage, has more storage space than other cases of this size..

  2. Hi, My husband bought me a Hey USA Luggage Britto Palm 22 in Hardside carry on and I love it only thing the lock does not work . It is set at the 000 but when we go to set my own numbers it does not work the picture of instructions of the lock are different then my lock. We went to Macy this morning to look at this type luggage and this type lock is on most luggage they sell like the one shown on picture This bothers me as it is not cheap for one piece and I wanted to order more luggage but now I worry if this is a fake ?? I would like to be able to lock my bag.
    I hope that you can help me. I love it and a fan of Britto and wanted more pieces but now I am skeptical . It was a Christmas gift which I opened yesterday but he bought it 1 month to the day. Now what do I do since I am unable too lock my brand new piece.
    Thank you KW

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