Disney Luggage by Heys USA – Mickey and Princess Bags for Kids

Do you still remember your first trip to one of the Disney parks? Disneyland, DisneyWorld, Disney Paris…. I still remember my first trip – it was to DisneyWorld in Orlando, followed the next year by a trip to Disneyland. Our first family vacation (as an adult with my own kids) was to Disneyworld. I loved seeing the ‘Disney magic’ unfold in my kids’ eyes.  I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Mickey, Minnie and all the wonderful Disney characters. Heys USA Luggage, a major US luggage manufacturer has introduced a new line of Disney luggage, and luggage sets, appealing to the ‘kid’ in all of us. This is clearly luggage for adults, but provides a visual reminder of the wonderful feelings for all the Disney characters.

Right now there are three styles of the Disney luggage collection: Mickey Signature, Tinkerbell Flower and the Magical World collection. My favorite is the Mickey Signature. Who doesn’t recognize the prominent Mickey profile head – the Mickey Signature? I think I still have my Mickey ears from one of my visits to DisneyWorld. Mickey ears profiled in light blue, yellow and white, contrasted against a rich, dark blue background on a hard sided, spinner luggage. Perfect!

If  you are partial to Tinkerbell and are looking for pink luggage sets, then check out the lovely pink images of Tinkerbell on a black background. The perfect women’s luggage!

Heys USA began in 1987 as a small luggage manufacturer. Since then, Heys has become a major US luggage brand and has focused on re-defining the typical luggage. No ‘sea of black’ for Heys. Take a look at their extended luggage lines such as ‘Heys Exotic’,  Heys Britto collection and the Crown Edition by Heys. Now comes the Disney Signature collection – keeping travel fun  or at the very least, keep you luggage recognizable.

When you purchase Heys hardside luggage, you purchase a promise of lightweight durability and quality construction, in one very stylish package! (Oftentimes, you can also receive a great deal on their luggage sets on clearance!) So, you get the complete package: top quality luggage, signature design, a stylish look and luggage to last a lifetime. I think I’ll buy the entire Disney Mickey Signature  luggage set… wonder what the husband will think when I show up tonight. Maybe another Disney vacation in the offing? Let’s hope.

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