Staff Picks for Backpacks

Another huge seller here at Irv’s Luggage is backpacks, particularly in the next couple of months as we head into the new school year; thus this is the perfect time to speak with our backpack buyer, Ellen.  Ellen has been buying backpacks for Irv’s Luggage for over 20 years, when I asked her what her favorite backpacks were, here’s what she said:  Ivar, The North Face and Jansport backpacks!

Ivar Backpacks: Ivar backpacks are patented; they are made to carry your school items and laptops in several angled shelves. Ivar’s patented shelf system  provides ideal weight distribution, maximum file-like organization, and superior load stability.  Ivar took all the complaints people had about backpacks over the years and designed a superior backpack…… and that is why Ellen loves Ivar.  Amongst the Ivars backpacks, her favorites are the Alta and the Revel G2.

North Face Backpacks:  Ellen loves North Face……while you pay a little more up front for the North Face product; the quality you get makes it well worth every extra dollar you spend.  As Ellen states, “when  you purchase a North Face backpack for your child, he or she will end up carrying it for many years to come.”   Depending on the needs of your child, you can go with either a traditional backpack or laptop backpack.  As far as traditional, Ellen like the North Face Vault; for a laptop backpack, she recommends the North Face Borealis.

Jansport Backpacks:  For someone who is very interested in the color and appearance of their backpack, in other words a fashion forward individual, Ellen would recommend a Jansport backpack. Jansport has an amazing assortment of eye-popping colors and patterns, totally fun bags that have something for everyone.  Jansport backpacks are perfect for the student who wants a new look every year and for someone who wants a bag that exudes personality;  Ellen’s favorites in the Jansport family are the SuperBreak and the Big Student backpacks!

Check out Ellen’s favorites and all the other great deals on backpacks at Irv’s Luggage today!!!

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