Back to School Backpacks, Messenger Bags & Lunch Bags

With the unusually cool rainy days of June this year, summer feels  like it has just begun but here it is already mid-July and many school kids will be heading back to school in five to six short weeks…..yikes! Thus it is time to start preparing for the next school year, determining what kind of book bag, lunch bag and the endless array of school supplies your elementary, high school or college students will need and want, before the real back to school craziness begins in August.  With a huge selection of backpacks, messenger bags and lunch bags available at Irv’s Luggage, it is the perfect place to begin your annual back to school trek.

Backpacks: With both traditional and computer laptop backpacks from JanSport, High Sierra, Ivar, the North Face, Jworld, Travel Pro, Ameribag Healthy Back Bags, Kipling, CalPak, Stephen Joseph, Planet Earth, Ed Hardy Backpacks  & more; you will have a huge selection to choose from all in one location. The designs and colors are fantastic this year for both the younger kids and the more particular older children; and your student will, of course, have the option of choosing from a large selection of “back friendly” wheeled rolling backpacks as well.

Messenger Bags:  Another option for your student, the increasingly popular messenger bags, a particular favorite amongst the older high school and college aged students;  Irv’s Luggage has a terrific selection from JanSport, The North Face, Briggs & Riley, Goodhope, Kipling and my favorite, Timbuk2 Messenger Bags!  Messenger bags not only offer a great trendy look for your student, they also have many great organizational features with many accommodating the all important laptop, with cushioned pockets, many schools are now requiring.

Lunch Bags: What many parents forget to purchase is the lunch bag. In order to keep your   student healthier this year you may want to consider purchasing an insulated lunch bag, rather than the traditional brown paper bag that doesn’t keep your child’s lunch nearly as fresh.  Talk about bright colors and cool designs; with choices from the amazing polyester bags from Scout, to the increasingly popular neoprene bags from Built NY, to the eco-friendly bags for younger children from Planet Earth; Irv’s Luggage has a lunch bag perfect for your child’s needs!

With great pricing, customer service and a knowledgeable staff, Irv’s Luggage, is the back to school headquarters and has been assisting parents for over 47 years make that smooth transition back into academia each year; visit for many great deals and selections today!!!

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