How do you pack your carry on luggage

There are dozens of travel websites, articles and books questioning “How to choose the right carry on for you” or “Which carry on luggage is lightweight, durable and cheap?” While these are valid questions you should ask before you travel, the answers only give the consumer a partial solution.

You might choose one of the lightest luggage brands around, Samsonite Luggage, and the  Samsonite Samsonite Lift 21" CharcoalL.I.F.T. as your new go to bag, but if you over pack (or like to shop while on vacation like I do) that brand new, lightweight bag might cost you at the airport. So, how do you ensure that your luggage will hold up to the newest weight requirements? One of the easiest solutions to this challenging travel dilemma is the use of travel accessories. These accessories encourage simplifying travel in a variety of ways. They allow travelers to organize and compartmentalize their belongings, which is important now that airlines are enforcing size restrictions. Packing accessories also ensure that clothing and accessories are not only well protected but can be easily located once you start to unpack. By arranging all of your shirts in one folder and all of your pants in another, there is little room for error when looking for the next day’s outfit.

You’ve read that travel accessories simplify packing. But, there are currently hundreds of travel accessory options – shirt folders and pants hangers and tie cases and jewelry pouches – to choose from. How do you know what travel extras are right for you? One of the least expensive and most versatile accessories any traveler can purchase today are packing cubes. Eagle Creek Pack-It folder 20Packing cubes come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors and can make packing clothes and travel extras a much easier feat. Having size and color options available not only allows for individuality but it gives each traveler the opportunity to pack more clothes in a smaller space.

I was recently introduced to Eagle Creek Luggage packing accessories and was shown the logistics of the packing system.  Since then, the Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder 20 has become one of my new favorite travel accessories.  The folder comes in three different sizes, 15, 18 and 20-inches with each weighing about a pound and comes with a durable plastic insert showing you how to fold your clothes in the most economical way. Each individual folder keeps tops and bottoms folded in a secure environment, and they can be stacked to increase packing space in your luggage. The packing cubes also offer designated space for your lighter clothing but at a different size capacity. They can hold more than a weeks worth of t-shirts and tank tops in the same amount of space that it would normally take to pack just a few tops in your wheeled luggage.

So you have all of your clothes packed, but how do you store your shoes, socks and accessories? Eagle Creek Pack-It cubes and Pack-It sacs offer a lot of storage at a little price. You can roll your socks in the tube cube (hiding jewelry or money inside); stick your toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash in an extra small Eagle Creek Pack-It Sac extra smallpack-it sac; and still have room to fit all of those goodies you promised yourself you wouldn’t buy, inside your bag. Not only will you be able to fit multiple Pack-It sacs among your larger items of clothing, you can also squeeze smaller accessories inside for greater packing capacity!

Whether you use one packing accessory or fill up your entire suitcase with them during your travels, you won’t regret the addition of this multi-function accessory. Now that I have tried these carry-on accessories (and actually used them) I will never travel without them! Check out the packing accessories at Irv’s Luggage today!

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