Customer Reviews of Samsonite Luggage

As I blog writer I sometimes have writer’s block, meaning that it’s hard for me to always have great ideas to write about. So today, I’m going to let the customer reviews for Samsonite luggage take over the blog. These are real customer reviews that we’ve received on our website. Samsonite is one of the largest and most well known luggage brands in the world. Samsonite luggage offers great luggage features for travelers, a strong luggage warranty and exceptional value for your luggage purchase. So, Samsonite customers of the world… your voices are heard!

Customer reviews for:

Samsonite Aspire GRT 21” expandable, spinner carry on luggage
By Liz from Chicago
Irv’s Luggage Verified Buyer
This is a great spinner luggage which WILL fit in the overhead bin. On a recent family trip, I used it as a carry-on (in addition to checked luggage) to take some weight off the checked bags and to protect expensive items like my business laptop, large camera, smaller cameras, jewelry, iPods, large headphones and a change of clothes for the warmer climate. The outside pockets were very accessible for the items I used during the flight. Will also be great luggage for a one night overnight business trip to carry both clothes and laptop/chargers on a spinner base.
Number of review stars for this Samsonite Aspire GRT Luggage: 5 stars out of 5!

Samsonite x-Space 26” Expandable Spinner Luggage (2 customer reviews of Samsonite Luggage)

By Happy Mom from Randolph, NJ
Irv’s Luggage Verified Buyer
Recently purchased a solar rose 26″ Samsonite xSpace spinner suitcase for my daughter. We took it to Aruba and while the rest of us struggled with our 2 wheeled luggage she sailed through the airport like she was a ballerina (note that this is a Samsonite spinner). We cannot wait to purchase these Samsonite suitcases for the rest of the family!
Number of review stars for this Samsonite xSpace Spinner Luggage: 5 stars out of 5!

By Peggy G from Philadelphia, PA
I love this suitcase! I was a bit worried at first because when it arrived, it appeared to be smaller than the 26″ upright that I was replacing. But I was very pleased to find that it held just as much. Not only that, but it is lighter than my old bag, so if I had to load it up, it wouldn’t exceed most airlines’ limits. I will never buy a two-wheeled suitcase again – the four wheels on this model are so easy to navigate crowded airports! Number of review stars for this 26″ xSpace Samsonite Spinner Luggage: 5 stars out of 5!

Samsonite Silhouette 12 – Wide Body Spinner Carry On Bag
Reviewed By: The Spinner wheels from Wichita, KS
Irv’s Luggage Verified Buyer
Moves with you with no effort. Takes the work out of moving through the airport.Customer rated: 5 stars out of 5!

Samsonite Luggage:  The customer reviews are in and the luggage reviews are great. And, at Irv’s Luggage, every piece of Samsonite Luggageis on sale… many carry-on bags, cabin bags plus the larger travel bags are on sale at up to 67% off. That’s the official Samsonite sale price… but here is a little insider secret… find the Samsonite bag you want at Irv’s Luggage and put it in your cart… then you will see the final sale price. Samsonite luggage, a great luggage buy, especially at Irv’s Luggage.

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