2012 Agendas Planners and Datebooks from Letts of London Filofax and Scully

Once again it is that time of year when you get a clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning; a chance to regroup and start the New Year off on the right foot! That is why it is the perfect time to get organized and purchase that all important agenda, planner or datebook for the 2012 calendar year ahead!  Having one place to go to keep track of your hectic schedule, is of critical importance, not only for staying organized but also for keeping your sanity during what will surely be another very busy year! Letts of London, Filofax and Scully are all terrific companies that specialize in personal and business agendas and depending on what you are looking for in your planner, one of these company’s agendas may be a better choice in 2012 (it should be noted that all have high quality paper):

Letts of London Agendas  – Irv’s Luggage has one of the best selections of these difficult to find  planners.  Offering  small compact carry-with- you agendas, to larger desk agendas to a wonderful selection of Noteletts, Journals, Address Books  and Academic Agendas as well.  If you prefer a new agenda every year (new color, design, pattern, etc.)  Letts of London is probably the best choice for you as Letts does not offer refills.

Filofax Agendas  – Filofax, on the other hand, has a wonderful selection of refillable agendas with many different options available including: week on two pages, multi-language, thin and thick ruled, thin and thick plain, flex planners & more!

Scully Agendas  – Finally, if you want to purchase a higher- end planner that will last for many years to come, Scully may be the agenda for you.  Scully offers a beautiful selection of high quality leather planners that can be refilled as well.  While there is not as large of a selection of options, regarding refills, Scully has a wonderful selection of executive-like agendas, so if the quality of the leather is of greater importance to you, Scully is the brand for you!

Do not wait, 2012 is upon us……..depending on your needs buy a Letts of London, Filofax or Scully  agenda or refill today…..available at IrvsLuggage.com

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