Win a Harvey’s Seatbeltbag Forever Blue Jean

Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag customers know and love their bags. From the convertible tote bags in every color to the addition of the handcrafted rosette (a little bonus to make your bag even more beautiful!) the Harvey’s woman knows her bags and loves to show them off wherever she can. At Irv’s Luggage we understand this love affair with a Harvey’s bag and encourage you to own it.

This is why we want to give away a FREE Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags Large Satchel Forever Blue Jean ($138 value). Harveys Seatbelt Bags Large Satchel Forever Blue Jean With its unique shades of blue, black and silver, this handbag is super easy to wear and roomy enough to fit your everyday essentials!

ARE YOU READY TO WIN? Write a note or story or post an image of the most unique Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received in the comment section below! We’ve heard everything from receiving a power washer (what WAS he thinking?) to seeing a new car in the driveway (YES!!) You can’t win this FREE handbag if you don’t leave a note; We can’t wait to hear YOUR stories!

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But don’t wait – we’ll pick the winner on Tuesday, February 14th!

73 responses to “Win a Harvey’s Seatbeltbag Forever Blue Jean

  1. Cheryl Sterling

    Well, that is going to be impossible because my husband doesn’t buy gifts!!! But I really would LOVE to win this Harveys Bag!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Cheryl, thanks for your comment! We’ll enter you in the contest and hope that you receive a special Valentine’s Day gift! Check back in soon for updates and more great travel information!

  2. One year (before we were married) my husband had me meet him at his house. He then took me to the mall where he bought me an entire new outfit (topped off by a pretty little gold heart shaped necklace) and then took me to a fun little resturant for dinner. I felt so pampered!

  3. As a surprise, my husband took me for a ride….. to a dog breeder… and surprised me with some “chocolate”. No, not candy, but a chocolate Labrador puppy!! We named him Hershey, and he was the sweetest “piece” of chocolate I ever received! Not long after, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Our lab never left his side during his short illness. Sweet Hershey became a great source of comfort to me after my husband passed. She was one of the last gifts he ever gave me- and by far the best!

  4. The most unique (and thoughtful) Valentine’s gift I ever received from my husband was in 2003. I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer when we were in the midst of remodeling our kitchen. We went to a store that sells hardwood trim to pick out what we wanted. They had there glider rockers which were very unique. I sat in one and found it very comforting. Several days later, I came home, and sitting in my family room was the glider rocker! It was so helpful to me during my recovery (doesn’t rocking make everyone feel better?) So, even though this isn’t a funny story like getting a power washer for Valentines Day, it was the most wonderful thing I could have received!

  5. Hi
    My most unique gift was car tire from my husband and my son just couldn’t stop laughing
    What a treat!

  6. Once a long time ago, my Boyfriend sent me to a Beauty Salon to get my hair cut and colored, while I was there he had my favorite Latte and flowers delivered to me. That was a special V-Day 🙂

  7. One year my hubby and I took a trip to Maui for his birthday and Valentine’s Day (which are the same week)… we planned all our activities and had planned a romantic Valentine’s Day and dinner, and earlier in the week had planned a high speed flat-bottomed rafting adventure to explore the coast and hopefully see some whales. The day of our rafting tour the waves were way too choppy at the launch ramp and the company canceled all the rafting trips for the day. So we had to reschedule and ended up going on the (not as romantic) rafting trip on Valentine’s Day. WELL – We were out in the water and saw whales in the distance, but the rules say you have to cut the engines if you’re too close to whales so we couldn’t try and catch up with them. We saw all these other boats in the “right place” that were fairly close and we just couldn’t legally move in there… but just as we were all getting a little disappointed a mother and calf turned and headed right towards us! The mom ended up diving DIRECTLY beneath our little raft!!! The guide told us that if we had a waterproof camera to quickly stick it in the water and try to get a shot. I stuck my little disposable water proof camera in the water and pressed the button, not knowing what I would get. When we got the film back from the developer it turns out I got a PERFECT shot of the humpback from its head to its flippers! So I always say that my husband got me a humpback whale for Valentine’s Day! 🙂 It was the most awe-inspiring, amazing, memorable and unique gift I could ever hope for!

  8. Here is a photo of my husbands and my Best Valentine’s Day gift EVER!

    She will be 6 years old this Valentine’s Day!

  9. No special Valentine stories for me, unfortunately. I typically receive a little box of conversation hearts from my parents for Valentine’s Day. But I’d still love to win this bag! Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10. Oh…my favorite Harvey’s bag (and the one I’m currently saving up for) and I can’t think of a single unique gift 😦 (unless a rose from the gas station is..but I think not).

  11. Kristen Harrison

    Valentines day 2008 is a day I will always remember. I had been dating my fiance for a few months but nothing official. No one had even mentioned the term boyfriend/girlfriend. We went to his friends house for dinner where I was introduced as his girlfriend. I know this might not seem like much but this is the first day we were a couple. We are currently getting ready for our wedding next month. I have been looking at a bag like this one to carry everything I’ll need on the big day. Our colors are blue/purple so it would be perfect. I hope everyone finds their soulmate like I have. Have a FANTASTIC valentines day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. One year my husband sent me four dozen roses in 4 separate arrangements. I would just get back to my desk at work and I would get a call that more flowers were delivered for me.

  13. My best Valentine’s gift was in college. My boyfriend sent a singing telegram to my dorm room, and the company he ordered from sent a stripper by mistake. A lot to look at at 9am indeed! It became a gift for all the girls on my floor!!

  14. The most unique Valentine’s Day gift I ever received was being born on Valentine’s Day!

  15. My husband is great at picking out clothes for me. I hate to shop but love to have nice things. Every Valentine’s Day, he surprises me with a cute or sexy outfit that I would never have found myself.

  16. My best present was a night alone with a colicky 4 month old and a really nice dinner since he was stuck on the highway during the blizzard of Valentine’s Day 1990. Never much made up for it as he believes it’s nothing but a hallmark holiday. Thankfully my daughters are into mushy cards!!!

  17. Lacey Jessamine

    The best gift I ever received for Valentine’s day was when I was in 3rd grade. 🙂 The boy I had a crush on brought me a ring. It was way too big for me of course. Later, his mother asked mine to return it since her son took it out of her jewelry box to give to me. Still, it’s the thought that counts!

  18. Well I wish I had a good story like some of you girls, but Valentine’s Day for me has just always been another day, Feb 14th.. no special or horrible gifts received.. But it is the time when some of my favourite candies are out!! I do love my cinnamon hearts!!

  19. My best valentines day was new years eve 4 years ago when my then unemployed and broke boyfriend surprised me with 2 valentine heart shaped ballons and a keyring bee plush and card with heartfelt expression. It was most special because he got all this by collecting cans and looking for spare change underneath the couch cushions. Of course I didn’t get a material gift on that valentines day but to this day I have the card that reminds me of this sweet gesture

  20. The best gift I have ever received for Valentine’s day, has been cards my boyfriend has picked out for me from our cats. They are always very cute and make me smile

  21. Kati Blackledge

    My hubby is a plumber. One year, we had no money so he took copper pipe and bent it into a huge heart with an arrow sticking out. He Painted it bright red! I still have it 20 years later. Its hanging in our garage. I love him so much. He is my best friend and the best man!

  22. Best Valentine’s gift ever, I bought for myself. I was newly divorced & my ex was always spending our money on stuff we didn’t need. So, that year I bought MYSELF diamond earrings. Unfortunately, I lost one of them in a pool @ resort in the Dominican Republic. Searched for several hours, but couldn’t find it! I think it’s time I replaced them again…still noone to buy me a gift this year 😦

  23. The very best Valentine’s I received were a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a balloon from someone I would never expect, my brother! He wanted to thank me for being an awesome sister (can’t disagree there) and an awesome aunt to my niece. My co-workers were very jealous that day!

  24. This is a valentines card that I received from my boyfriend (now husband) – which I still have hanging on my wall. It is hand written with conversation hearts glued on it (the things in quotes are on the conversation hearts)

    This is “for you” “my love” on Valentine’s Day.
    You probably always “get real” cards, but I wanted to be different. “I do” think that you are “dynomite” “too cool” and “so fine”
    “I’m sure” you think that “UR bad” at telling jokes, but you KRACK (from a Krackel bar wrapper) me up. “I hope” you will continue to “call me” “write me” “sweet talk” me and “kiss me”

  25. 9 years ago this Valentine’s Day, we brought our son home from the hospital. Not sure if my husband even got me a gift that year (even though he did have the flowers i wanted delivered to the hospital), but spending our first “holiday” home all together was the best gift a mom and wife could ask for

  26. My best valentines day was when my online friend of four months sent me tulips on the 13th and sent me more on the 14th with a vase and box of chocolates. He called me that evening and asked me to be his Valentine

  27. The best valentine’s day gift I ever got was from my now husband. He never shops (i always buy and wrap my own presents) but that year I did a little (ok a lot) of hinting, not telling him what I wanted but just letting him know that I would love him to make some effort. Well anyways that night when I got home from work he had candles set out and the box of matches ready to light them. He handed me the box so I could light them, but when I opened the box there was a gold heart necklace where the matches should have been. It was extremely special because he never does stuff like that which for me makes the times when he does all the more special.

  28. Last year I was in the hospital on Valentines Day. So my husband and I did not go anywhere. I was on strict diet of liquids only. Yea bummer. He brought all my friends in to hang out with me. We had a Valentines Day party in my room. We played games and watched movies. It was nice.

  29. The best Valentine’s gift I got was a Valentine’s meal cooked by my husband. He made me a delicious heart shaped hamburger and topped it with ketchup and mustard in a heart shape. The burger was delicious and special, because my husband rarely ever cooks. For dessert, he made heart shaped brownies that he made using a heart shaped cookie cutter. They were delicious too!

  30. My husband isn’t one to buy flowers, but one Valentine’s day he did spoil me with chocolate covered strawberries!

  31. My ex-husband got me a brand-new Crock-Pot. “But Honey, you love to cook!” Ummm… Thanks, Babe. Did you notice he is my EX husband? 🙂

  32. One time valentine’s day, I received the same card from the previous year from my boyfriend. I laughed when I open the card to see that it was the same one from last year. And to prove I was not joking, I got out my cards (which I save every year), to show my boyfriend and we both laughed a good long time. Let’s just say, I never let him for get it and I don’t think he did either!! hahahaha

  33. Years ago, the guy I was dating at the time had flowers delivered to my home. The sweet thing was that he had taken a Fiestaware vase to the florist (I collect Fiesta) and had them fill the vase with tropical flowers – so unusual! and so thoughtful! I still have the Fiesta vase to this day (not the guy though!)

  34. The most unique valentines gift I got was from a friend. It was a decision making thingy where you spin this metal disk that had yes and no written all over the edges sandwiched between the metal disks were metal balls all silver except one red. So when you spinner the disk wherever the red ball landed under was your answer. It was a cute gift considering he’d always tease me about being indecisive. First question I asked it was does randy really like me 😉

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  36. The best gift I ever got was actually not a material present, I came home and my hubby picked up the kids for me, cleaned the house, did the kids homework with them, made their lunches for the next day, and had dinner waiting for all of us with candles on the table. He’s such a wonderful husband and Father. To me, marrying him is almost like Valentine’s Day every day!

  37. My husband seems to always find the best or most unique gifts for Valentines Day…the best; however, was my engagement ring in 1991. Here it is, 2013 and we are still happily married and he is still trying to outdo that one! This year, I beat him to it and bought my own Tough Love Scully from Harveys…oops *red face*

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