Top Graduation Gifts for College Graduates in 2012

Along with spring comes a whole new crop of college graduates; young men and women who have their whole lives ahead of them as they pave their way into the “real world” leaving their alma maters behind.  Almost everyone knows someone who is graduating from college that needs to be recognized and rewarded for this high academic achievement. Below is a list of the top graduation gifts for college graduates in 2012 that will make your gift buying a whole lot easier:

  • iPad Cases, Laptop Cases and Sleeves –Just about every graduate will be carrying some type of electronic device wherever they are going, so a brand new laptop or iPad case is the perfect gift. Hadaki and STM have some brilliant colors and designs (just out) that any graduate would love!!



  • Journals, Planners, and Agendas from Johnston & Murphy and FilofaxJohnston & Murphy Leather Writing PadsPerfect for the new graduate who has a busy schedule and life to keep track of now.  Attractive agendas, writing pads or journals from Johnston & Murphy and Filofax will help to keep them organized and efficient on their road to success!



  • Wheeled Travel Duffel Bag from High Sierra – Is your new graduate heading overseas to explore the big wide world before landing their first job?  The High Sierra Elevate Large Wheeled duffel for extended trips34” Wheeled Duffel Bag is the perfect piece of luggage to accompany them on their exciting journey abroad.  The size, the features, the maneuverability; you will not find a better piece of luggage for this extended, far-reaching type of excursion.


Business Cases for Men and Women

  • Kenneth Cole Briefcases – Smart, modern leather briefcases from Kenneth Cole that won’t break the bank but are designed with beautiful leather and organizational features that will have your young graduate on their way to Wall Street, LaSalle Street or hopefully even “Easy Street” some day :)!




  • Dooney & Bourke Leather Handbags – Luxurious leather handbags for thLeather Pursese successful young women heading out into today’s fashionable business world. Dooney & Bourke Handbags are extremely well-made leather handbags that will stand the test of time just like your young hard working graduate!


  • Luggage from Briggs & Riley and Hartmann Luggage – Top business professionals already know that if you are on the road often, you need luggage you can depend on;  so help your new graduate be one step ahead of their peers, give them the gift of dependable, guaranteed for life, luggage from the best luggage manufacturers in the world, Briggs & Riley and Hartmann Luggage!






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