Harvey’s Seatbeltbag Giveaway Week 2

We have a winner of the first week’s Mother’s Day Giveaway.  The  Hampton Harveys Seatbelt Bag goes to Hannah Johnson. Congratulations Hannah, wishing you and your mother a very Happy Mother’s Day!!

Thanks to everyone who participated. Be sure to try again this week, you still have three chances to win!!

This weeks contest!

Nominate your Mom for a chance to win a Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag! This year, Mother’s Day is May 13th and Irv’s Luggage is celebrating Moms everywhere by giving away 4 Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags throughout the month of May.

Here’s how to enter:

Every Monday in May we will be GIVING AWAY a brand new handbag from Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag. That means 4 opportunities for you to win a Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag. On Monday May 14th, the second of 4 winners will be selected. Our second giveaway is for a Convertible Tote in Buttercup!!Convertible Tote Buttercup

Each week we are giving away a different Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag! We will select a new winner every Monday from the previous week’s responses. If you do not win one week, you can re-enter during the next contest.

Are you ready to win? Answer our question in the comments section below! And don’t forget to check your emails every Monday to see if you’ve won!

Question Two:

Why does your Mom rock? Try to be as descriptive as you can; we want to hear all of the fabulous details!

23 responses to “Harvey’s Seatbeltbag Giveaway Week 2

  1. Brandy Nelson

    My mom rocks because not only did she raise 2 children completely on her own, but she also served her country in the US Army….she’s the best and i’m her biggest fan!

  2. Natalie Noble

    My mom rocks because she raised six kids and always found extra time to volunteer in her community. She showed her kids by example how important it is to give her time and talents to help others.

  3. I think my mom rocks because of her love of live music! Her favorite is Neil Diamond. She’s seen him in several states. Here in AZ, we have an awesome local music scene. She loves to come and hang out at the bars and clubs with her kids watching our favorite bands. She is the mother of 4, but hundreds call her “Mom”.

  4. Kelly Tomplait

    My mom rocks because in February 2010 she was diagnosed with Stage 3, Lymphoma. As of today she is in remission and living life to the fullest! Her strength and courage to fight is so inspiring. We are thankful that we get to spend every day, including another Mother’s day, with her. We love you Mom!!

  5. Rachel Rodman-Kunkler

    She rocks because she raised 4 kids by herself and we all turned out really well. She ended up with a Nurse Practitioner, an Army soldier (me), a nurse in training, and a little boy with Down Syndrome. She has always been there for us and goes above and beyond. Her taste in music goes right along with the times while she still has her favorites from the 60’s. If I win this for her she is getting this no doubt because she always sacrifices her fashion so she can provide for her kids.

  6. In my eyes my mom is the best mother in the world, she raised me and my sister far away from her family in a foreign country, she gave up her career as MD to be there for us, she devoted her free time to help others,she’s a volunteer md on call 24/7, known for her sweetness and generosity, she’s soft spoken and a very loving mother, I truly wish I can see her again it’s been a long time since I haven’t seen her but i skype and talk to her everyday, I miss her & love her dearly, she’s my favorite person in this world. Thank God for her.

  7. My Mom is no longer with us, she died last year. But let me just say SHE TOTALLY ROCKED!! She was the toughest, bravest, kindest, and most humble person I have ever known. She was always worried about everyone else. Even when she got sick she worried about how we were doing. She was the best Mom and had a lot of other “kids” aside from the 5 she raised. She was a Mom to a lot of people who needed her and she ok care of most everyone before herself. She taught me to be a good Mom and a strong woman. I hope that one day my kids will feel about me the way I will always feel about her. She was AMAZING!

  8. My Mom Rocks because she has the biggest heart in the world. She has raised 7 kids 3 of which are step children but she considers them her babies! She is my rock that holds me together during the rough times and also just when I do something silly. I depend on her for everything and would be lost without her! She is the most giving person and has the warmest personality that brings happiness to everyone she meets. She also owns a candy store **who wouldn’t want their own candyland?** and she brings joy to all ages. I think she is the most amazing person I know! I am so grateful for my MOMMY!!! I would be lost without her!

  9. Angela Lloyd

    My mom rocks because she is my rock. She has been a huge support in my life, especially through the past 5 years when I became ill. Her words of encouragement were always there. Even when she was exhausted from working a 60+ hour week, she’d come and help care for me. Basically, she’s a super-himan, being able to leap tall obstacles and support everyone around her!

  10. Samantha Doan

    my mom was the most amazing person I have ever known. She was the hardest worker but never for herself, she did everything for everyone else. Even when she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer she tried to take care of all of us and make sure that we were ok. This is the first year that I wont be able to see or talk to my mom for mothers day and its breaking my heart all over again. My mom and I shared a love for seatbelt bags and I would always surprise her with one on mothers day last year I gave her a houndstooth carriage hobo unfortunately she never got a chance to enjoy it. My mother was very special.

  11. My mom is one of the bravest women I know. I watched her start her life over after my dad’s death, looking her grief in the eye every day and not letting it win. She re-taught herself how to drive so that she could go visit her grandchildren who were 4 hours away. She’s a lifelong learner…learning to crochet, and email (even fixing her own computer)after age 70. She managed the family farm and, after selling it, continues to manage all her finances. She is my greatest cheerleader and she is my hero.

    and one of our common joys is our love for our seatbelt bags.

  12. My mom has always been there for me even when I think she isn’t. She knows me better than I know myself. As i was a child she was like a single mom. she made sure we never lacked the necessities and managed to keep us in line. She never put her needs or selfishness above her three daughters and up to date continues to do so. She was like a mother to some of her younger siblings

  13. My mom rocks because she has not always been the perfect mom and she is the first to admit it. But there has never been a day that I didn’t feel her love. My teenage years were very difficult for our relationship and I know there were days that I pushed her close to the edge of her sanity; but I never once doubted that no matter what I did she would always be there for me.

  14. My mom is great because as a child she would let me skip school on my birthday so that we could spend the day together and while my sisters were at school we would go have lunch at the restaurant of my choice. My mom would also do this for my sisters on their birthday and all of us really enjoyed the quality time that we spent with her. What makes my mom rock is that even though we are now adults she still continues with this birthday tradition which I look forward to every year. 

  15. Lacey Jessamine

    My Mom rocks because, She managed to raise three kids on her own. She is Gentle and Graceful. She is sweet-natured but strong when she needs to be.

  16. Gretchen Abold

    My mom rocks because she has always put her family first, making sure we grew up right and had lots of fond memories of our childhoods.

  17. My mom rocks because she is always there for me and will even drive out to where ever there is a Harveys event to take me. Plus she rocks because she carries Harveys seatbelt bags.

  18. Michelle Scher

    My mom rocks because she is my best friend!

  19. my mom rocks because she listens without judgement, and loves me no matter who I decide to be

  20. My mom rocks because even though she was widowed at 27, she raised her one yr old daughter (me) by herself, worked her butt off to put me thru school and still managed to help her struggling brothers and sisters. We all now have better lives because of her. She sacrifices so much in order to help her friends and family. She truly inspires us to be greater than we are.

  21. Shari Halling

    My mom rocks because she is the most hard-working, caring, patient, kind, and giving person I know. She helps raise my brother’s three children, as their mother is mentally ill and absent/unstable. My mom makes holidays special and plans fun things for all the grandchildren. She shows them that you can have fun doing simple things together, without spending a lot of money (preparing creative finger foods for a picnic, doing scavenger hunts, playing hide and seek, playing dress up with old costumes she collects, having arts and craft days, or putting together holiday plays or puppet shows for the family). My mom does all this while still working nearly full-time at age 72!

  22. My mom rocks because she loves my sisters and I unconditionally as individuals. She allows us to make mistakes and learn from them and all the while we always know that we can turn to her when we need her the most.

  23. My Mom rocks because she is the most patient kind hearted person I know. She gives love everywhere she goes, always there to give hugs and encouragement. I do not know a kinder more patient person than her:)

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