Harvey’s Seatbeltbag Giveaway Week 3!

We have a winner of the second week’s Mother’s Day Giveaway.  The Convertible Tote in Buttercup goes to John Mains. Congratulations John, We hope your mother had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

A big thank you to everyone who participated thus far. Be sure to try again this week, you still have two more chances to win!!

This weeks contest!

Nominate your Mom for a chance to win a Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag! This year, Mother’s Day is May 13th and Irv’s Luggage is celebrating Moms everywhere by giving away 4 Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags throughout the month of May.

Here’s how to enter:

Every Monday in May we will be GIVING AWAY a brand new handbag from Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags. That means 4 opportunities for you to win a Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag. On Monday May 21st  the third of 4 winners will be selected. Our third giveaway is for a Boxy Tote Turquoise!! Harvey's Seatbeltbag Boxy Turquoise

Each week we are giving away a different Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag! We will select a new winner every Monday from the previous week’s responses. If you do not win one week, you can re-enter during the next contest.

Are you ready to win? Answer our question in the comments section below! And don’t forget to check your emails every Monday to see if you’ve won!

Question Three:

Do you know a wonderful Mom? This week we want to focus on the women you feel are terrific Moms. Whether it is a sister, friend or coworker, tell us about their unique qualities and why you love them.

18 responses to “Harvey’s Seatbeltbag Giveaway Week 3!

  1. Michelle Scher

    I have a wonderful friend who is also a great mom. She has a daughter with special needs and she is amazing with her.

  2. My mother in law is a wonderful mother. She divorced my husband’s father when my husband was 4 and rasied him completely on her own without any financial or emotional support from her ex. When my husband was 15 he wanted to go and live with his Dad (who lived four states away) and even though she had plenty of reasons not to let him go she did not hesitate to give him permission. She knew that at that point my husband needed to see what his dad was like so she sacrficed her happiness for her son. In my opinion that is what makes a wonderful mother!

  3. joseph gersch jr

    My sister is a wonderful mom. She raised her son by herself and now he is a pilot

  4. My Loving aunt (mom’s older sister) is a great mother to the only child she was able to have, not only she strugled to conceive him and almost lost him but as he grew she made sure she was there for him in every step of the way now a professional and has a great career, but though she never had a girl she did help her 2 sister with their girls… so in the eyes of her 4 niece she’s been more like a mother, caring,helpfull, a mentor she taught us how to be humble, be like the lady she is… she helped us with homework, drove us everywhere we had to go..do our make up and help us shop for those special dresses from school proms to weddings! and the list is endless to all the great things she’s has done and thought us. waw I’m so thankfull to have an amazing aunt like her, I love her as much as i love my mother my god bless them both they are also the best sisters ever!

  5. My sister in law, Marla, is the great mom that I think of first. After raising 3 boys…and dealing with a military deployment by her husband to Iraq…they decided to adopt 2 darling girls from Vietnam. The girls are twins and were 3 when adopted so they had their hands full. And add to this her completion of her realtor’s license…wow!!! She keeps her 5 children fully engaged in life…and her 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 sugargliders well trained and well fed. She really does do it all….and I know, because I get to take her place every once in a while when she and my brother travel to visit military reservists for his military job (he also has a fulltime civilian job that keeps him busy and on the road as well). I think I’m good…but I usually need a vacation after filling her shoes, however briefly.

  6. my mom is the best listener. She listens to me whine and complain and still is a great support

  7. My mom, Cindy Donovan, is the best mom in the world!!! Although I am her only biological child, she has been like a mother to hundreds of kids for the past twenty years as an elementary school teacher. Not only is she a full time mom to me and her class of fifth grade students, she also serves on the board of the local children’s theater where my friends and I perform, she helps out with fund raising for my Boy Scout troop, volunteers at our church, and is an independent consultant for a direct sales company on the side. Somehow, though, she often finds time to join me and our family and friends at her favorite place in Southern California, Disneyland! (Always carrying her Harvey’s Disney Couture bag!)

  8. My mother is one of the most generous, loving people I know. My father has Alzheimer’s, and they have been married for 65 years. She wants to keep him at home because she knows he likes what she cooks. It was that way growing up, too: I was a picky eater and rail-thin, and she always made sure there was something on the table I would eat. She came to get us every day at grammar school and brought us home for lunch with the family. She accompanied an entire class of music students at the school for solo competition at the state and district levels, which took a great deal of her limited time. She was very good at business-related things, but she truly believed she should be there when we got home, so she was a stay-at-home Mom when she would have loved to have a career. Our home was always filled with love, because my sister and I never had any doubt that our parents loved us and loved each other. It was as though each of them knew what part they played in our lives, and they worked together like clockwork. The children in the neighborhood would come to our house in the late afternoon to see if she had made cookies that day. Everyone was welcome. She did all this without any household help, and I’m sorry to say that my sister and I did not provide the help we could have given to her. She did everything without complaint, and when we grew up we never knew that couples argued, loudly, because we never saw our parents have an argument. They kept it to themselves instead of having us worry with it. Mother would stay up all night sometimes making sure we had a new dress for the first day at school. She made all our clothes. I could go on and on, but I can’t count the times I have been told by others what a wonderful Mother I have, and I agree with them. She is truly one of a kind.

  9. My Mom and best friend, Amie is the best mother is the world.Yes I know… You are all thinking I have to say that because she is my Mom but it’s true. She has been through hell and back losing my brother the day after her Birthday to a horrible accident at the young age of 13. Through all of that she remains to be strong and believe that it will knock her down. She is an amazing person, who has the biggest heart in the world. She gives life to everything she does and everyone she comes in contact with. I love her and she gives me courage to be strong and believe that life is short but you have to live it to the fullest! I love her and hope that I can learn to be just as strong as her!

  10. My Mother In Law would have to be the best Mom I know. She raised 4 kids on her own and took on 3 additional kids when she remarried her husband. She has formed two families into one where all kids (now all in there late 20’s) are all of them she considers to be her own! I mean she still makes them Easter Baskets, what more can be said about that. She is amazing and has the biggest heart. I am glad she took me into her life and welcomed me as an addition to her kids! I love her and wouldn’t trade her in for the world!

  11. Annie Tavares

    I would have to say that my Grandma is the best mom I know. She has battled it all from losing her husband, to being in a horrific accident and survived. She is the funniest woman I know. Always finding a way to make you laugh even though she has been through about every surgery and had all the bad things that could happen to a person happen to her. Through it all she is stronger than ever, braver than ever, and funnier than ever. I love my Grandma!

  12. My favorite mom is my aunt who has been like my mother since I was a little girl. She was a single mom in a time where single moms were rare and provided her daughter as well as my siblings and myself all the love and support we could ever need

  13. Shari Halling

    My friend is mom to twin girls. One of the girls has disabilities, and needs extra care. My friend doesn’t dwell on that, only her daughter’s abilities. She is her biggest advocate and supporter and works hard to expose her to as many educational opportunities as possible. it shows as her little girl has blossumed. My friend also is creative with finding venues that the twin girl can enjoy together. Both feel loved and are lucky to have this wonderful mom!

  14. My friend is an amazing mother to her 4 year old son. She is caring, giving, and patient especially when teaching her son right from wrong.

  15. A close friend of mine is an amazing mother. She had her daughter at a young age and continued to complete her high school and college education to be one of the most supportive, loving mother that encourages her daughters growth every day. She manages to maintain har life everyday with her daughter at the front of everything

  16. Kelly Tomplait

    I have an awesome friend who raised her daughter practically on her own. She is an amazing person and would do anything for her daughter, and my child as well. Truely someone to recognize.

  17. My friend Melissa is a great mom, she has 2 little girls and is always doing things with them and is very supportive of them. She is also a great friend

  18. She was a great mom and a devoted and loving grandmother. Surviving are her daughter and son-in-law, Jill and Chris Elmgren of Savannah; her mother, Mildred Harvey, of Savannah; two brothers, Randall Harvey (Debra) of Savannah and Gary Harvey of Sarasota, FL; grandchildren, Christopher, Natalie, and Lindsey Elmgren; her former husband and friend, Stephen Sasser; and her niece Candice Harvey Cox (Chris). She was preceded in death by her father, Marion Harvey.

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