Harvey’s Seatbeltbag Giveaway Week 4!

We have a winner of the third week’s Mother’s Day Giveaway.  The Boxy Tote in Turquoise goes to Kellen D. Congratulations Kellen, we know this tote bag will go to a very special recipient!

A big thank you to everyone who has participated in our contests. It has been wonderful reading all of your memories and stories of the most important women in your lives. Be sure to try again this week, this is your FINAL chance to win!!

This weeks contest!

Nominate your Mom for a chance to win a Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag! This year, Mother’s Day is May 13th and Irv’s Luggage is celebrating Moms everywhere by giving away 4 Harvey’s Seatbelt Bags throughout the month of May.

Here’s how to enter:

Every Monday in May we will be GIVING AWAY a brand new HarHarvey's Seatbeltbag Medium Tote Buttercupvey’s Seatbelt Handbag. That means 4 opportunities for you to win a Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag. On Tuesday May 29th, the last of 4 winners will be selected. Our fourth and final giveaway is for a Buttercup Medium Tote!!

Each week we are giving away a different Harvey’s Seatbelt Bag! We will select a new winner every Monday from the previous week’s responses. If you do not win one week, you can re-enter during the next contest.

Are you ready to win? Answer our question in the comments section below! And don’t forget to check your emails every Monday to see if you’ve won!

Question Four:

Tell us about your “Adopted” Mom – a woman who has influenced your life but is not necessarily your biological mom. She could be an aunt, teacher or a friend’s Mom who means a lot to you. We can’t wait to read your stories!

19 responses to “Harvey’s Seatbeltbag Giveaway Week 4!

  1. I would have to say that my “Adopted” Mom would be my coworker/friend Loanne. She is the most inspirational woman I know. She has survived breast cancer and is now stronger then ever. She gives me the strength to stay positive in everything I do and not let anything get me down! She loves me like her own daughter and would do anything for anyone she comes in contact with. She is an inspiration to everyone I know.

  2. Annie Tavares

    The woman that I consider my adopted mom would be my friends mom. She has 7 kids of her own and has a unique bond with all of them. She has taken me in as one of her own kids and actually includes me in all family activities and family dinners. She reaches out and gives back to her community by being a coach for a little league team her son is a part of, to being a parent aid at school where she attends as many field trips as possible. She also works full time. I have no clue how she finds time to do all of this but she does and I look up to her so much. I love her like my mom and she is an amazing person.

  3. My mother-in-law is my adopted mom and has been such an influence in my life. She is the most giving person I know. She is also a great Grandmother and wants nothing more then to make her grand-kids feel like they are the most important people on the planet. I look up to her and she makes me want to do just as she in my life. Happy and supportive!

  4. Michelle Scher

    Mine “adopted mom” has to be a professor in graduate school I had. She inspired me to work hard, be assertive, and never let anyone stand in your way. She had such wonderful life experience and had gone through good times and bad in pursuite of her career. She inspired me to become a professor too although I never told her that.

  5. My adopted mom is my college professor…though we’ve only known each other for 2 years she has been more than supportive in reaching my goals while encouraging my growth. She genuinely cares about all her students. She is smart, talented and sets a great example for all. I can only aspire to be as great as her.

  6. My adopted mom would have to be my co-worker because she always gives me advice when I need it the most. She always encourages me to believe in myself and always makes time for me no matter how busy she may be with her own family.

  7. My adopted mom is a distant relative of mine, she introduces me as her daughter litteral to everyone and though she wasn’t living in the same place when i was growing up, I happened to move in on my last year of HS to live with her and 2 kids only since she’s a single working mom, I’m so glad she to been there cause last year of HS was though on all levels for me, it was also the first time I was inlove with my bf back then, I’m glad she showed me how to be a better woman, gave me the example by taking me with her to work when I didn’t have school or got out early, showed me how to dress better even allowed me to wear anything from her wardrobe, she insisted and stayed on top of me so I can apply to as many colleges, on another emotional level she gave me feedback on my relationship wish is good terms till the sun of today. she’s a an amazing, smart and what you call a go getter lady! I love her just like i love my mother.soo blessed to have close since my biological mother lives overseas!

  8. My adoptive mom would be my aunt Lois. I was further down the list in my own family at times got lost in the busy shuffle. When I went to stay at her house, I had a voice! She let me make decisions on little things such as what we would do for the day, or what television show I could watch at night, or what foods we could make that I liked. She listened to my problems and made me feel special. She gave me confidence by giving me time and attention when I needed it most.

  9. My “adopted mother” would have to be my aunt because she helped care for my siblings and myself when my own mother wasn’t able to provide for us. While at the same time she was also taking care of her elderly parents and her infant daughter. She is such an amazing person who I admire and anytime I have a problem I know that can always turn to her to help me through it.

  10. My Adopted Mom would have to be my Step Mom. She has always opened her heart and home to me. And most of all she has made my Dad very happy. They have been together many years and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

  11. In my world, I am the adopted mom. As an older army wife, I have the privilege of helping younger wives and moms with the questions they have…questions that they don’t want to share with their own moms cuz of that being independent stuff. The 20 something singles think of me as their cool “auntie” who treats them like an adult but also remembers the challenges she had when she was a 20 something. My husband and I joke that we got our kids when they were old enough to have their own cars and their own places and their college was all paid for. My biological nieces who are 8 tell that I am “a mom, only funner”. As blessed as it would have been to have that adopted mom, I am truly blessed to be the adopted mom.

  12. My “adopted mom” would have to be my aunt because she was my babysitter when I was growing up. What I remember the most about her is how she would always buy me what I wanted and how she loved me just as much as her own children. I always admired her because she was such an extraordinary single mother.

  13. My “adopted” mother is my mother-in-law. She has taught me so much about being patient, kind and thoughtful solely through the example she sets in her everyday living.
    She helps make quilts with a group of friends to send to foreign countries in need and visits with shut-ins (my father-in-law and her each help a different person in need so they can reach the most people). She is a retired public school nurse and, at 78, still going strong and helping others daily. My 6 year-old listed her as her mentor at school this year, unbeknownst to me. She touches so many lives and has certainly made a huge impact on mine.

  14. When I read the question I instantly knew who I consider to be my “adoptive mother” and that would have to be my best friend’s mother. Mainly, because she has always considered me to be a part of her family. When I went over to hang out with my friend she always made sure to invite me to stay for dinner. She also would offer me a ride home everyday after school and even though I always said “no thank”, she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She also would invite me on their family vacations. To this day I still think foundly of her and think of all of the great times I had because of her.

  15. Sally Schinberg

    My adopted Mom was an aunt. She lived alone in the city, we lived in the far out suburbs. I used to stay with her, often on school vacations, and from her I learned a great deal about culture, food, and taking care of yourself in the real world. Her attempts at match-making weren’t very successful, but ultimately, when I did find my mate of 44 years, I convinced her to be my Matron of Honor. It meant having her dress made out of the same fabric as the bridesmaids’ dresses, but in a more “covered-up” style suitable for her age. I still miss her and cherish the memories, even the ceramic “dust-collectors” she made for me and my children in her senior years.

  16. I have a good friend who I consider an adopted mom. Not only did she raise her
    daughter under difficult circumstances she still worries about me and gives me great
    advice. She also treats my daughter as her own. Could’t ask for a better person to
    be a part of my life!

  17. My “adopted mom” would have to be my sister-in-law. She is about 6 years older than I am, but somehow seems so much wiser. I’m not always the most level headed person and I often go to her for advice or just to bounce ideas off of her. In addition, my sister in law already had two children by the time I had my daughter. The day I brought my daughter home was the scariest day of my life and I was a complete basket case. I remember calling my sister-in-law and asking tons of questions. Hearing the terror in my voice, she simply said, “I’m coming over,” and spent hours with my husband and I that night just reassuring us that we were going to be great parents and that she would always be here for us. And she has been. Almost 4 years later, she not only plays an important part in my life, but also my daughter’s life. I’m on the cusp of delivering my second baby and she’s the most excited of anyone and has already assured me that she will be there 100% for me, just as she was last time. I don’t know what I would do without her!!

  18. My “adopted” mother is my mother-in-law. she has taught me so much about much about being patient, kind and thoughtful solely through the example she set in her everyday living.
    She helps make quilts with a group of friends to send to foreign countries in need and visits with shut-ins on a regular basis. My father-in-law and her actually help different people instead of going together so they they can reach and help the greatest number of people in need.
    She is a retired public school nurse and, at 78, is still going strong and helping care for others daily. My 6 year-old listed her as her mentor this year at school, unbeknownst to me.

    My mother-in-love touches so many lives with her kind, caring, humble ways and she has certainly had a huge impact on mine.

  19. Our last and final winner in the Month of Mom Harvey’s Seatbeltbag Giveaway is Aubrie Lee! Congratulations Aubrie, we hope you enjoy your new Harvey’s bag!
    We also want to thank everyone who has entered our contests this past month. It has been a joy reading each and every one of your responses. Keep checking in for future contests, giveaways and more! You never know what you might find…

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