Week 3 of our Hobo Lauren Wallet-a-Week Giveaway!

HEAR YE, HEAR YE:  2nd winner of the Irv’s Luggage Hobo Lauren Wallet-a-Week Giveaway is ……………………………………………………………….JANET!  We’ll be contacting you through email, congratulations!  Thank you to all participants, but this time it was her number that came up!

It’s ok though, because our new contest starts… NOW!

Win a Hobo Lauren Glamour Exotic Clutch Wallet

Irv’s Luggage – Week 3 of our Giveaway All through October!


$128 Value!  Win it for FREE!

Enter to win this Hobo Lauren Glamour Exotic Clutch!





  • Scroll to the bottom of this entry and look for the comment box. If you don’t see it, click on “Leave a Comment”.
  • Fill in your Name and Email (how we’ll notify winners; make sure to check your email next Monday to see if you won!)
  • Tell us about your IDEAL handbag/wallet.  What kind of features would it have?  What color/material would it be made of?  You are the designer, make it work!  :)

Winner will again be randomly selected, but make your entry a fashionable one!  Tell your friends and let them join in the fun!

Winner will be announced NEXT MONDAY, OCTOBER 22nd and notified via email, so make sure to check your inbox that morning!  Then it will be a new week, with a new wallet, and a new way to win!  Make sure to come back and keep coming back all through October so you too can Give a Hobo a Home!

Thanks again for playing, the entries make for fun reading!  See you next week!

25 responses to “Week 3 of our Hobo Lauren Wallet-a-Week Giveaway!

  1. If we are talking about a hypothetical handbag/wallet, I would want one that offers multiple ways to wear it (e.g., adjustable, sturdy strap to use over the shoulder/crossbody, as a handbag/wristlet, or as a clutch), blocks RFID signals for safety and, by going well with multiple outfits, extends versatility of use from day to evening activities

  2. My ideal handbag would be something I couldn’t dream of affording unless I won it. 😉 Like a big, classic Louis Vuitton or Hermes, or Chanel bag… I need space to hold LOTS of stuff, handles as well as a strong shoulder strap; it needs to be Extremely well made so it will last- we’re talking “investment bag” here! I like leather- it wears well, ages well, and it’s farmed and truly bidodegradable and eco-friendly. (“Vegan Leather” always makes me laugh- it’s PLASTIC- a petrochemical poduct, and the worst polluter on the planet!) I love the textured leathers, such as ostrich… It should be a classic neutral (brown beige, black), or something totally wild like Lipstick Red- which frankly goes with almost everything now! I love the high-end Michael Kors bags with the charms, too… If money were no object, I love the wild and fun stuff: I love Lulu Guinness’ Doll Face bags because they are such total fun; I love the Kate Spade Jezaebel flamingo-handled tote for the same reason. My fave bag that I actually is a Lulu Giness Lips evening bag I scored on ebay… it holds almost Nothing save a lipstick, and is Totally impractical, but it is a work of art you can carry!

  3. I like a textured bag in mocha leather that is smooth to the touch with a subtle recurring rare geometric pattern (i.e. rhombus, fractal based, etc)

  4. Love your store, great prices and wonderful variety!

  5. Love your store, great prices and wonderful variety! My ideal bag would be spacious with tons of pockets 9zippered and otherwise) with 3 divided sections and a comfortable shoulder strap. And of course it would be dark denim.

  6. Carmen DeSantis

    Fingers crossed!!

  7. My ideal wallet, would have lots of areas to tuck cards and receipts. I want it to be non black, so I can find it in my bag fast! A secure latch so things don’t fall out. Pretty enough to carry on it’s own, and detachable wrist strap would be great too!

  8. The handbag/wallet must go with whatever outfit that I am wearing (perhaps a chamelion bag?), last a long time and be easy to keep in my possession, both by hand and by handbag strap/chain

  9. Ginny Altenderfer

    For my ideal bag, it would need to easily accessed while it’s hanging on my shoulder (I’ve always got lots of things in my hands so my bag is on my shoulder) and designed for ultra-organization so I can easily find what I need. I’d also like the inside to be light so I can see things when I’m trying to find them, and it needs to be really sturdy because my bags take a beating. As far as looks, I like something classy enough for working but casual enough that I can grab and go with jeans.

  10. My ideal handbag would be a shoulder bag in plum colored pebbled leather that is big enough to all my daily essentials (wallet, card holder, makeup back, coupons, umbrella, tablet) with LOTS of compartments and exterior pockets.

  11. My ideal wallet is made of leather and has lots of card slots, a change slot and very important to me is a checkbook cover and place to put it in the wallet. It’s getting harder and harder to find those. I would also like it to be cute in a bright color.

  12. My ideal handbag would be a hobo style distressed leather with shoulder strap in a medium size. Inside zipper pockets for phone, etc.

  13. The ideal bag would be…just big enough to hold a call phone, eyeglasses,sunglasses, keys and a small wallet. Not too small and not too big!!

  14. My ideal handbag is based on a birkin bag with a classis timeless structure, good quality leather and of a neutral colour that works well with any outfit:)

  15. My ideal wallet could double as a clutch/wristlet (might as well throw in a detachable shoulder strap too!). Made with quality and long lasting leather (simple, timeless, & easy to care for), the wallet would have to be large enough to fit all the essentials… iPhones, car keys, misc notes and receipts, and maybe a mint or two and a pack of gum…. Just enough storage to get me by without my purse, but small enough to still be carried in purses when need be. I’d have one in a classic, neutral brown, as well as a few in colors like purple and ivory (or maybe a nice print). Sounds an awful lot like a Lauren actually!!!

  16. My ideal handbag would go with every outfit and would it would always be in style regardless of the season.

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