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Fall and Winter Handbag Sale

Today it is 80 degrees outside and there is not a cloud in the sky and it is the seventh of October???  Go figure, that is Chicago weather for you!!!  However, for anyone who has lived in Chicago long enough, you are well aware that this will not last and that Old Man Winter will be trekking around the corner anytime very soon.  So don’t let Mother Nature fool you, it is the perfect time to purchase a fabulous new handbag for the fall and winter season before the temperatures drop below freezing and you were wishing you had played hooky on this awesome October day; and Irv’s Luggage is the perfect place to begin your fall winter handbag search, with an excellent selection of bags at very competitive pricing!!!

Whether it is the absolutely gorgeous leather bags from Dooney & Bourke’s Florentine Collection or the extremely sturdy and creative handbags from Harveys Seatbelt Bags, including their limited edition Lady Luck and Mint Chip bags, to the beautiful rich colors of  Tano Handbags, to the fashion forward bags and extremely popular Lauren clutch wallets from Hobo International; Irv’s Luggage has the bag that is just right for you!

Many handbags continue to be big and slouchy…… but the fashion world is seeing a resurgence of more structured handbags with less ornamentation and more classic designs.  While some consumers still prefer the traditional leather purses; many (who prefer to own more than one bag a season) have opted for the faux leather and material handbag options that are more reasonably priced including Big Buddha, Baggallini Baggs, JPK Paris, La Diva and more!!!

In addition, Irv’s Luggage has just picked up some striking bags from The SAK Handbags; a beautiful selection  of cross-body and shoulder bags, including the super sharp Indio Leather Tote Bag.  “The idea for The Sak brand was to create simple, memorable, casual and relaxed handbags with universal appeal.”

Irv’s Luggage carries a wonderful selection of every day, evening and travel bags; check them out today at IrvsLuggage.com….…that is of course, after you head outside and take in some of this warm Indian Summer sunshine that will soon be only a memory…..have a great weekend!!!