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Best Destinations to Travel to in 2015

Best Destinations to Travel to in 2015

Planning to start 2015 traveling to different destinations and just have the best experiences in your life? Then the following are perfect destinations that would make you prepare your travel backpacks!

  1. Montenegro

This is a unique vacation destination that has been overshadowed by Croatia. For many who are trying to experience a world class travel destination where luxury can be experienced, you’ll want to be sure to bring your anti-theft cross body bags with you to Montenegro.

  1. Lithuania

This is a former country of the Soviet Republic that is located in the eastern area of Denmark and Sweden. Since it will be a part of the Eurozone in 2015, you’ll get the chance to experience Lithuania in the same way European travelers do. There are many attractions within the country, most especially the beaches. To enjoy these places, you should bring your waterproof cases and just enjoy the adventure that awaits you in the latest EU country.

  1. Namibia

Being in its 25th year as an independent country, Namibia is definitely a country considered a jewel in Africa. If you want to appreciate the beauty of the natural environment, then this country is a worthy destination to visit. Don’t forget to bring your travel shoulder bag so that you can carry everything you need with on your excursion into the African landscape.

These are just a few of the perfect destinations that should top your list of places to visit in 2015.

Death Valley in the Dead of August

Some people may say you are crazy to visit Death Valley in the dead of August…..but after experiencing it…. they may feel differently.

My family just returned from an unbelievable trip to the heart of nature’s oven, Badwater Basin, 282 feet below sea level, and the stunning views, a vertical mile up, atop Dante’s Peak in California’s spectacular natural oasis Death Valley National Park! This amazing place, where the temperature reached over 119 degrees, and where a lack of water could go way beyond…. being a little thirsty…..was incredible.

The absolutely beautiful rock formations, stunning desert views and fragile salt flats were extraordinarily enhanced by taking them in at the height of the extreme temperatures this desert area is famous for. The intense heat your body encountered as you left the safety of your air conditioned car, the equivalence of standing in a sauna with the heat of a blow dryer gusting across your entire body, was surreal. The thrill of witnessing nature at one of its most authoritative moments will stay with my family forever.

In addition to the astonishing beauty the park offered, it also housed the charming Furnace Creek Ranch, a wonderful refuge for a delicious meal, souvenirs and the all important water and gas one needs, to survive this incredulous journey.

As I get older, it is becoming far more important to me to live larger and experience life to the fullest. I think Henry David Thoreau said it best “I went into the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life…to put to rout all that was not life; and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

Death Valley National Park in the dead of August….happy and more meaningful trails from Irv’s Luggage!