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Take This Duffel Bag and Stuff It

This should be an Olympic sport … stuff your favorite duffel bag with as much as humanly possible. Leather duffels from David King, Le Donne, and Passage 2 let you pack, cram, jam — and organize — all of your clothing and travel accessories. It seems like everything you own would fit in these bags. WARNING — watch the airline baggage regulations and don’t try to pack the kitchen sink. It may just push you over the weight limit. Either way, there is plenty of room and space.

Duffel bags come in various leathers and sizes, and there are even wheeled options to meet the needs of today’s travelers. However, the duffel bag is not new to the luggage scene. It has been around for more than 400 hundred years.

Did you know this?

  • The tightly woven canvas that was later used in the duffle bags was first manufactured in the 15th century in Duffle, Antwerp Belgium. It was never intended to be used for luggage.
  • In 1611, the cloth was imported to Spain and Portugal for sailors to repair their ship’s sails.
  • Sailors fell in love with the durable, seaworthy fabric and began to make their bags from this material. The bags were originally called sea bags or ditty bags.
  • During World War I, the term duffle bag was first used.
  • The US military first issued the official duffle bag in 1943 and it has remained the military’s favorite bag.
  • Duffle is also spelled duffel. Why? No one knows!

The duffel bag users of yesterday would hardly recognize today’s leather duffel bag. David King, Le Donne, and Passage 2 are three of the finest bag manufacturers and are top featured brands at Irv’s Luggage. Their bags have plenty of pockets and compartments for travel items, and even dirty laundry. With the David King Vaquetta Leather Duffel with Bottom Compartment, it is easy to keep your messy, dirty things below and keep your clothes clean and fresh in the compartment above.

Duffel bags are often spotted filled with gear at sporting events or gyms. They make for great carry-on bags, as they are available in a variety of sizes that easily fit in the overhead bin or under the seat. College kids arrive home with the Passage 2 Collection Vaquetta Leather Rolling Duffel oozing with weeks of dirty clothes.

Weekend travelers also love duffels — especially the Le Donne Distressed Leather Getaway Duffel — because they can easily fit all their clothing, shoes and gear needed to go exploring. Each leather duffel from Le Donne is unique in its color tone variations, creases and weathered look. The bag feels like it has been a part of you, like your comfy leather slippers, and the shoulder strap removes if you prefer to carry it by hand.

Top Choices for College Trunks & Duffel Bags

It will soon be time for the kids to head off to college. The large list of items they will need is daunting but the biggest challenge is figuring out how to get all their necessities to campus in a manageable and organized fashion (Rolling luggage makes the move a WHOLE lot easier!). Thankfully, there are wonderful trunks from Rhino Armor and wheeled duffel bags from Mercury Luggage and Athalon to make their move far easier!

College Trunks:  The best trunks on the market are Rhino Armor Trunks. Some of the great things about the Rhino Armor Trunks are they come in a variety of colors (18 stock colors) and sizes (34”, 36” 40” 44”); they are extremely durable (made from 1000d Cordura fabric sheathing and heavy duty proprietary nickel plated steel latches and hardware) and they will last a lifetime (with a LIFETIME WARRANTY).  These trunks are perfect for all the back and forth commuting your child will encounter each year and double as a terrific coffee table, storage locker or even foot rest in your child’s limited living space. With wheel adapter plates mounted on each Rhino Armor trunk, wheels can be easily added or removed to make moving a breeze. The best part about investing in a Rhino Armor Trunk is it will be used by your child way beyond their four years spent in college, making it a great investment in his or her future as well!

Mecury Large Duffels:  Another great option for the college commuting is wheeled and non-wheeled duffel bags; and Mercury makes some of these terrific large duffels.  The Mercury Luggage 32” and 36” duffels are made from extremely durable 1680 Ballistic Nylon and 420D Ripstop Nylon and have a padded exterior for protection. With a detachable internal compartment divider, a zip-off exterior accessory bag and an interior mesh pocket, organization is covered.  In addition, reinforced handles and three oversized heavy duty ball bearing wheels make transporting these large duffels effortless.

Athalon also has a wonderful selection of large sturdy duffel bags with the Athalon 34” 15 Pocket Duffel being a favorite!  Constructed of tough high density polyester uppers and extremely durable ballistic nylon bottoms with protective runners and a lightweight super strong honeycomb frame, these duffels can take a beating.  As the name implies each duffel bag has 15 pockets making organization key and with  a telescoping pull-out handle with ergonomic grip and large ball bearing sealed in-line skate wheels, maneuvering the bag is easy as well.

Whether your child is making their maiden voyage to campus or is returning for another year of academia, send them off right with a superior Rhino Armor Trunk or an amazing wheeled duffel bag from Mercury and Athalon, now available at IrvsLuggage.com