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Baggallini Baggs Are The Ultimate in Organization


Baggallini Dublin Crossbody Bagg

I lost weight — and I am still eating ice cream.  All l I did was buy a Baggallini Bagg from Irv’s Luggage.  My purse usually feels like an elephant around my neck.   I gave my old, heavy handbag away for the stylish, lightweight Baggallini Dublin Bagg.  The nylon, crinkle material is lightweight and easy to clean.  I love that I can wear the bag two different ways — depending on my mood and destination.  I can use the shoulder strap or wear the bag cross body. People are always stopping me on the street and complimenting me on my handbag.  It not only looks great, but it helps keep me organized.  The inside is roomy and there are slip pockets for small things.  The zippered pockets in the front and back help my organization even more. The handbag comes with a matching wallet with zipper enclosure.  This is a great travel accessory and bonus.


Baggallini Touring Tote Bagg

I am not worried if I get caught in a light rain shower.  The bag’s water-resistant nylon will keep my things dry.  I wish I could stay that dry.

The Baggallini collection also features a touring tote bag in nylon. This bag can also be worn over the shoulder or cross body. My favorite feature about this bag is the zippered cell phone pocket.  Now I won’t miss a phone call because I can’t seem to find my phone, which is usually on the bottom of my bag with my junk crammed on top.

Baggallini handbags and travel bags are about organization.  Each bag features pockets and zippers to keep everything neatly and safely in place.  Baggallini’s motto is order and beauty.  You should not have to sacrifice style for functionality.


Baggallini Sydney Bagg

For the ultimate in organization, check out the Baggallini Sydney Bagg. It contains a key fob, credit card slots, lipstick and pen holders and an easily visible ID window.  The bags zippers wide open so that you can get a bird’s eye view of the inside. Hard to believe, but this bag weighs a little more than .5 pound. It will not weight you down as you travel around.

I have ruined too many handbags because they get dirty and I can’t clean them. Now that I have a Baggallini with its incredible nylon material, my bag will stay looking brand new.  It is so easy to wipe it clean.

Handbags that Have Your Back for Travel and Everyday Life

Do you get aches and pains from carrying that heavy handbag all over town?  When traveling, do you have a need for the perfect lightweight bag to carry all your essentials that can be easily stored in your luggage as well? Is your purse a disaster zone, do you need to get organized and simplify?  Well if you can answer yes to any of the above, there are two perfect handbag lines for you, Ameribag and Baggallini!!

Ameribag – Ergonomics is “the study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body and its movements”. Well, believe it or not they have begun to design women’s handbags ergonomically.  Yes, they have begun to design handbags with your aches and pains in mind. We all tend to place way to much stress on our bodies and Ameribag has decided to do something about it.

Ameribag is the leading manufacturer of ergonomically designed sling bags.  They even go as far as to call their sling bags “the healthy back bags”.  The patented ergonomic design makes the weight you are carrying feel lighter by “redistributing the bag’s center of gravity, thus relieving stress on the neck, shoulders and the back.”  With exterior pockets, various sized interior pockets and a double zipped main compartment Ameribag has organization covered too!

Baggallini – While Baggallini does not claim to have an ergonomic design, they are famous for their extremely lightweight bags (made out of fabulous crinkle nylon) and their extremely well designed handbags with organization in mind for both travel and everyday life.

One of Irv’s Luggage top handbag buyers, Margaret McGill, is currently sporting a Baggallini herself. She says “say goodbye to a sore back and shoulders.” With Baggallini it is also nearly impossible to lose your car keys or cell phone with the easily accessible front pockets. Margaret’s favorite feature is the small pouch that attaches to the inside of the bag that can be used as a wristlet or a small evening bag, perfect for a night on the town at a moment’s notice.

Baggallini has thought of everything; versatile, lightweight, durable and with sturdy metal zippers, Baggallini has hit the mark in designing a handbag perfect for women anywhere, anytime!!!

Purchase a handbag that “has your back”…….it is nice something does….. Try an Ameribag or Baggallini handbag today!!!!