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Top Customer Reviews for Wheeled Duffel Bags

With summer approaching quickly and with kids heading off to camp and “bigger kids” heading off on safaris, rain forest treks and other wild adventures, we will continue with our series of customer reviews by appropriately covering the best customer reviews of wheeled duffel bags!  A wheeled duffel bag is the perfect piece of luggage for all your summer adventures.  With multiple pockets, large packing spaces for sleeping bags, sheets, multiple pairs of shoes, towels…..etc.  and sturdy wheels to assist you on your journey, with memories that will last a lifetime, the wheeled duffel is the perfect summer travel companion and it doubles as a great bag to send your child off to college with!!!

Some of the top brands offering wheeled duffels include High Sierra and Athalon.  Excellent designs, strong materials and easy maneuverability with strong wheel configurations, these duffels are luggage bags at the top of their game and our customers agree!!!

High Sierra A.T. Go Collection 32” Drop Bottom Expandable Duffrite


Excellent choice for travel that requires a bigger bag, I’m very happy with this piece of luggage

Athalon 15 Pocket Duffels 29” Wheeling Duffel Blue

I LOVE this Bag!

I am in a band, and we frequently tour all over the world. After two other band mates purchased this bag, I decided to as well. I’ve had several bags in the past which were unable to hold up throughout a tour, but these bags have proven to be easy to transport, convenient to organize things in, and hold up through all of the abuse that comes with being a tour bag. I would recommend it to anyone who is traveling anywhere for more than a weekend.

The 25” version of the Athalon 15 Pocket Duffel received similar reviews:

Excellent Product

This is an excellent duffle bag. Very sturdy and well made. It will provide many years of service.


I love the fact that it opens all the way down so I can see what is on the bottom without removing all my clothing.

High Sierra Elevate Collection 34” Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffel

Highly recommend!

My dad bought me a similar model High Sierra wheeled duffle about 8 years ago. It is still my principle travel bag, and is still like new! It is durable, well built, has a convenient number of compartments, and easy to handle. It has been a wonderful bag!! I bought this one for my brother for Christmas. He was tickled pink when he received it!! He raved to the rest of the family about his gift. My only ‘complaint’ about the bag: it’s so big you can easily fill it over the airlines’ 50-75lb weight limit!!! 🙂 (But even if you do, it’s still easy to manage the bag!)

The 28” version of High Sierra Elevate received similar reviews:

Adventure Bag- easy to pack, easy to move

I use mine for “adventure” travel. It is easy to separate clean and dirty clothes, plus the pockets on the end to store toiletries on one side, travel info on the other (or shoes). Weight is only 7.5 lbs.


Best bag I’ve ever had, meets all my needs and then some. Recommend this bag to anyone wanting a sturdy, easy to manage bag.

Athalon NFL 35” Wheeled Duffel

Great Light Weight Bag

We are going on an African safari. We are very limited in weight, but needed size. We know the bag will be squeezed and tossed around in the dirt. The bag will be PERFECT.