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Airline Baggage Regulations – Is Carry On Luggage the Way to Go?

The Thanksgiving holiday just passed and thousands of people will be heading to airports, to fly around the country after spending quality time with their families or friends. With all of the hustle and bustle of airports during this very busy season, many of you may wonder how you will manage to keep your sanity. With longer waits and more airlines putting restrictions on the items that passengers can travel with, you have to ask yourself – is it really worth it to fly?

The aVictorinox Avolve 20" Expand Wheeled Carry On Spinnernswer is YES! As you plan to visit your family or friends this holiday season, the last thing you want to worry about is whether all of your belongings will fit in spinner suitcases or carry on luggage or backpacks and are within the airline size requirement allowed. This is where Irv’s Luggage (and brand new legislation comes in!)

The recent announcement of a new bill, The Airline Passenger BASICS – or Basic Airline Standards to Improve Customer Satisfaction – Act will start to change the flying experience for many travelers. This act will protect consumers from excessive baggage fees at airports and charge airlines that do not comply with these proposed standards. This act will not only benefit consumers in the short term (more money in your pocket) but in the long term (more pleasant travel experiences) as well.

According to new legislation proposed by Senator Mary Landrieu of LouisAntler Liquis Lightweight Hardside 4 Wheel Carry On Upright Red iana, “Many airlines consider checking a bag not to be a right, but a privilege – and one with a hefty fee attached. The Airline Passenger BASICS Act will guarantee passengers one checked bag without the financial burden of paying a fee, or the headache of trying to fit everything into a carry-on.”

Until this legislation is passed, as travelers you have to be aware of what luggage is available to you and how it will fare on your trip. Antler Luggage is a great European-based company that gives frequent travelers the ability to pack a lot in a compact space (and not have to worry about size restrictions); Delsey Luggage is not only lightweight luggage but comes in both hard sided and soft sided styles in a variety of colors; and Heys Luggage has something for the whole family from their Disney by Heys line for kids to their Crown Edition by Heys line for the frequent business traveler. Whether you are looking for luggage for long term travel or just a weekend getaway let Irv’s Luggage help you with all of your travel needs!

Rick Steves Luggage Sale

As I stare at this computer screen in my 8 x 8 cubicle for 8 hours everyday and hear that Rick Steves Luggage is on sale,  I cannot help but feel a little frustrated and jealous of Rick Steves and his well made, lightweight luggage. Nothing against Rick Steves of course, I have nothing but love for the guy and his top selling luggage….but boy it is sometimes hard to hear about these amazing bags and accessories that were optimally designed by Rick Steves himself, after spending most of his adult life traveling around the world…. when I am stuck in this tiny cubicle with carpal tunnel syndrome setting in from my chronic use of this damn mouse.

Ok enough feeling sorry for myself.……Rick Steves’ fabulous luggage is now on sale just in time for the fall / winter travel season with terrific pricing for all you fine travelers out there who are ready to head out on your next amazing adventure too!!!

Rick Steves Luggage is not only field tested and highly functional, it is very affordable.  With a great selection of carry-on bags, wheeled luggage, backpacks, totes and travel accessories including his highly popular money belts and neck wallets that keep your valuables safe as you move from plane, to train, to taxi, to camel, to gondola, to Land Rover or whatever means of transport you encounter.

Rick Steves has thought of it all, his accessories include; a clothesline, sleep mask, neck pillow, travel towels and more.  One of my favorite Rick Steves travel accessories is the Hideaway Tote Bag.  Like most travelers, there is always the challenge of getting those prized souvenirs and gifts home in that already overstuffed suitcase. Rick Steves Hideaway Tote to the rescue; this large 17” zippered tote bag that rolls into a compact 6” x 10” pouch is the perfect solution.

So as much as I envy Rick Steves and his amazing career in travel, I also have to be thankful for his creation of this outstanding, well designed, affordable luggage! Check out the Rick Steves Sale at Irvs Luggage today!

Happy trails Rick Steves, if you need a new assistant….please give me a call!!