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There was a time when traveling meant large, heavy cases that were designed to be handled by others and weight didn’t matter. Airline weight restrictions were an afterthought at best and luggage scales were an unnecessary item. Sadly those days are gone and now there is a new reality of ever shrinking weight restrictions and fees stacked on fees. For most airlines the standard weight allowance is 50 pounds, but for some airlines like Spirit airlines anything over 40 can lead to extra fees (some international airlines can be even pickier).  Fortunately, luggage manufacturers have come to the rescue with lighter bags. It is almost impossible to find 25’’ suitcases over 11 pounds or 28-29’’ suitcases over 12 pounds.

However the best way to pack light is to lighten your load. Traveling has become more casual so the need for formal clothes or multiple outfits a day has waned. Below are several tips to make your trip light and easy.


Instead of taking multiple sweaters a zippered hoodie sweatshirt can save space and you can even wear that hoodie on the plane. Shoes are also bulky and add a significant weight, so consider shoes that work with multiple outfits. Also, if you do have to re-wear an item that got dirty emergency wash kits can be a lifesaver.


Virtually all luggage manufacturers make a large suitcase (28’’+) that is much lighter than they used to be. However, this doesn’t mean that this should be the case for you. These bags when full can be easily overweight. Medium bags (25-26”) are a better idea.


Avoid packing at the last minute. Make a list of what you think you will need for your trip and go back a day or two later and revise the list. Do a practice pack and think “do you really need all that?” Chances are there is something you can eliminate. Packing cubes are also a great help because they can keep all like items together.

packing cubes


Travel isn’t the time for your huge “Costco” sized bottle of shampoo. Buying the smaller sized toiletries or buying travel bottle kits for your normal toiletries can save both weight and space.


Most items you see during your travel can be purchased online at home for a cheaper price and then you don’t have to worry about needing space in your bag. So go ahead and order that item online and have it sent to your house waiting for you when you get home. Don’t worry I won’t tell.

ec duffel

One final tip is to take a collapsible duffel or a zippered tote that can both be used for day trips and if you have extra items to take home. Hopefully packing light will help make your trip as stress-free as possible. Happy travels.


Rimowa Luxury Luggage and Cases


Rimowa Luggage has a reputation of invention and luxury. Metal trunks were a Rimowa first in 1937, and Polycarbonate luggage started with them in 2000. Both safe and gorgeous in form, one could travel like a celebrity with a Rimowa case, whether it was from the Salsa or Topas Collections.




Combining high-quality polycarbonate, aluminum, and some of the most durable fabric and parts available, Rimowa luggage offers unmatched mobility and security. Rimowa’s signature ribbed shell has proven time and again how protected one’s belongings are from impact and the elements, and the external pockets on a Salsa Deluxe Cabin bag add to its utility. When purchasing a Rimowa bag, you can rest assured that your luggage will be intact wherever you go, and that your belongings are safe regardless of the conditions. The Australian Outback, for example was no match for a Rimowa case.

Weather resistant and waterproof, Rimowa has it all in a variety of sizes and colors, the better to show that form and function go hand in hand. The Salsa Collection alone has the Deluxe and Air variations, all of which are available at Irv’s Luggage. Additionally, you can find Rimowa Luggage carry ons, spinners, wheeled upright cases, and business/laptop cases from 22”-32”. When you decide to go big, you can choose to go big with us and be confident the case you pick is worth the investment. Check our Rimowa Luggage section and see what would be a good fit for you!

A pedigree that started in 1898, Rimowa continues to innovate as the choice brand of the world traveler and those who don’t put a price on safety and adventure. They gave the world the polycarbonate shell many other brands use today, but while there are many who followed by example, Rimowa leads by example. By choosing a Rimowa business case, spinner bag or carry on luggage, you purchase the history of a company that has worked tirelessly to bring their customers an unrivaled, safer, more secure, lighter and easier way to travel.




Summer Travel with Spinner Luggage by Samsonite & Heys

Are you looking for a new luggage set and cannot decide what to purchase? Try Spinner Luggage! A simple definition of Spinner Luggage is: A luggage case on four wheels that can easily move and maneuver in any direction. During the last few months we have spoken to hundreds of people in and out of the luggage field about their favorite brands and uncovered their favorites. Numbers One and Two on their list? Samsonite Luggage and Heys USA Luggage.

Spinner Luggage is made in a variety of sizes from small (19” airline carry on size) to medium (24” case) and large uprights (28” case) and even larger to accommodate extensive trips and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after typeSamsonite Hyperspace Luggages of luggage to travel with. Whether traveling by car, airplane, boat or train it is almost impossible not to notice a fellow passenger toting new pieces of spinner luggage or even spinner luggage sets around with them.

If you are in the market for durable spinner luggage with a name you can trust, look no further than Samsonite. Samsonite Luggage has come out with a new collection of spinners, Samsonite Hyperspace. Complete with 5 different sizes of luggage, Samsonite Hyperspace Spinner Luggage  is the next generation of luggage. With large main compartments, a fully featured interior, four dual spinner wheels and Rugged Poly/Nylon Blend Fabric that is both dirt and water resistant, this a suitcase you will use forever.

Another great style of spinner luggage comes from Heys USA. Heys USA Luggage is known for their hardside cases which are durable and eclectic – perfect for the traveler with a big personality! Available in a variety of shapes, silhouettes and colors, Heys USA offers dozens of luggage options with a wide range of features including a built-in TSA-accepted 3-digit combination lock, deluxe tie-down straps to provide additional support for your clothing during travel and a fully lined interior with clear-view multi-use organizational pocket for ease of packing. This is one luggage brand you will not want to miss!

Whether you are planning on traveling for Memorial Day Weekend or throughout the summer travel season, know you can travel in style with the Spinner Luggage you found at Irv’s Luggage.