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Leather goods on Sale Now with Closeout & Clearance Prices

I have fond memories of growing up – vacations, play dates and soccer games – but one thing I remember most is the beautiful black leather bag my mother used to carry. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary – a simple, structured leather shoulder bag with a detachable crossbody strap to match – but it influenced me a great deal. When she wore that bag, I knew we were going on an adventure (even if it was just to the grocery store.) Fast forward a fPassage 2 Collection Vaquetta Leather Deluxe Executive Briefcase ew years and my youth has caught up with me.

Working closely with different leather products everyday – cross body leather bags and leather tote bags and leather computer bags (Oh My!) has shown me just how important a great leather bag can be to a consumer. For some it’s a connection to their youth, for others it’s about knowing they’ve made a real investment in a quality item. This impact is most evident during the holidays and the weeks that follow.

During the holidays, consumers searching for Leather goods are after two things: quality products and a great deal! (That is where a great Luggage Sale comes into play!) In the luggage business, consumers are always asking which items would best suit their needs, their wants and their budgets. We tend to ask a few different questions: what will the bag’s purpose be – business or pleasure – and wRoyce Leather Garment Cover hat type of bag will ensure the best fit? Is the consumer looking for leather travel bags? Or are they looking for leather messenger bags? How often will the bag be used? And you can’t forget the consumer’s price point. There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful leather piece and realizing you cannot afford it.

Once the specifics are known, the choices can be narrowed down. Soft supple leather, quality hardware and durability are key points that any customer should be looking for in a leather product and you’ll find some of the best leather products from manufacturers like David King, LeDonne and Claire Chase Bags. Not only do they offer leather bags for men and women at great prices that we can pass along to you, the consumer, but they stand behind David King Leather Extra Large Duffel Bag their products with guaranteed warranties as well. Now if you really want to know, I have my personal favorites – the David King Leather Extra Large Duffel Bag (6654) in black, the Le Donne Leather Messenger Bag (A202) in café and the Claire Chase Leather Computer Bak-Pak (CCL 330E) in Red – they’re stylish, well-made and very roomy! But don’t take my word for it. Try any or all of them out, available at Irv’s Luggage now!

Stylish Handbags for Every Woman Everyday

I am a bit of a fashionista. Every night before I get ready for bed, I have a routine: I check the next day’s forecast, pack my lunch and make sure I have my “work” purse ready to go. As a woman in the working world, I have a lot going on in my life – school, work, family/friends and volunteering – and I don’t want to worry about the quality of the handbag I am carrying. I own dozens of handbags: from Dooney & Bourke wristlets to a Vera Bradley large black microfiber diaper bag (which works quite well as a school bag!) but I always end up using the same bags day after day. Here is just a glimpse of my favorite handbags for every occasion!

Zippy Bucket with Shoulder Strap in ChiliMy current everyday handbag is from Tano Leather, the  Zippy Bucket with Shoulder Strap in Chili. Now some might think this purse is “loud,” but I think it has personality. The Zippy Bucket is a rather large bag but it holds all of my stuff and then some. One perk is that I can wear it on my shoulder to hold my belongings close or I can use the longer strap to make it a crossbody bag. And I LOVE the extra zippers on the outside of the bag where I stash my phone, gum and Kleenex. (I know I can fit more in there, but I don’t have enough to bring with me!)

There are days when I don’t want to carry a big bag – usually after a long Baggallini Uptown Bagg Crinkle Nylon weekend or during a busy week. That is when I reach for one of my Ameribag or Baggalini handbags. With the Baggallini Everyday Bagg, the name says it all. Comprised of three different sized compartments for everything you might need, this bag is lightweight (just 10 ounces) and comes in fun colors to suit any personality. The strap is also adjustable to be worn as a shoulder bag or acrossAmeribag Healthy Back Bag Microfiber Extra Small Midnight Blue the body on days you have a million things to carry and don’t want to be bothered by straps falling. My Ameribag is very similar, but I love that I can wear it as a backpack – not necessarily a purse. They come in extra small, small, medium and even as a baby bag. Plus – the variety of colors makes me want to carry a different piece everyday.

Every so often there are days, I just want to make a statement with my handbag. On those days, I carry a Dooney & Bourke purse. Dooney & Bourke Florentine Leather Satchel Natural My first purchase was a signature barrel bag – a simple and classic piece, but designed to last me a very long time (and it has!) In the time since I have acquired a few more pieces and lusted over many others; but working with handbags everyday (and not buying them) has NOT been easy. The current favorite collection around our office is the Florentine. With multiple styles for every personality and richly colored leather, this is the perfect handbag to own. Whether you are like me and own many handbags or prefer to stick with a few classic pieces, you are sure to find a style or brand you love here at Irv’s Luggage!