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Spotlight on Irv’s Luggage

At Irv’s Luggage we pride ourselves on our hardworking and dedicated employees. They are passionate about helping customers with their travel and business needs. With their many years of knowledge and experience in the industry, our team helps customers have an enjoyable shopping experience and travel with confidence.

In this post we will be highlighting our Service Manager, Pete Silverman.

Time at Irv’s Luggage – 7 years

Time in the industry- 35 years

What is your favorite current travel item? “The Briggs & Riley U122CX. It is just a great BR-U122CX-4all-around bag”

Your favorite travel destination? “Rocky Mountain National Park. It is a great place for all kinds out outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, climbing, and camping. Just a great place to get back to nature.”

One piece of advice you give to travelers? “Safety is the most important thing for traveling these days. Don’t underestimate the need for items such as money belts and other RFID items and use them the whole trip.”

If you weren’t working for Irv’s Luggage what would you be doing? “I would be a pro basketball player hahaha. Seriously, I would be doing another service type job. I just really enjoy working with the public and helping them with their repair needs.”

LCI-1268-NATWhat are the most common types of luggage repairs? “The most common repairs are wheels, pull handles, and zipper pulls. The good news is that all of these problems are easily fixable.”

What should I do if my luggage is damaged by the airlines? “Immediately go to the baggage claim office right next to the conveyor belt and make a claim. Even though most airlines allow 24-48 hours to make a claim you should do it before you leave the baggage area. Be persistent and don’t take no for an answer.”

Pete is just one of many great employees working hard to assist and support customers at every step of the way, including repairs. If you have luggage that is in need of a repair, please come see Pete during Mt. Prospect’s business hours or give him a call at 847-437-4810. Our employees are here to make customers feel at home and at ease when shopping at Irv’s Luggage.