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Luggage Repair

Today’s luggage varies in quality and materials used; most bags are well made and designed to meet the needs of the average consumer. However due to the hectic schedule of many travelers, manufacturer defects, and baggage handlers’ not so soft touch, the need for luggage repairs is sometimes inevitable. The majority of repairs have to do with wheels and pull handles although a variety of other repairs on zippers, pull straps, locks, hinges, clasps and ripped seams are also needed.

Many repairs are covered by either the manufacturer’s warranty or through airline damage reimbursement. In most cases, in order to have repairs paid for, a claim must be filed.  Some repair centers will file claims with the luggage manufacturer on behalf of their customers. There is a vast selection of luggage out there, so keep in mind when purchasing your next piece of luggage that some luggage companies guarantee their luggage for life. For instance, Briggs & Riley has a “simple as that guarantee – if your bag is ever broken or damaged, regardless of how it happened, they will repair it free of charge, simple as that.”

To obtain a free estimate on your repairs, some luggage repair centers will accept an email with a digital picture of your bag but will reserve the right to modify the estimate upon actual receipt and further inspection of the bag.

The turnaround time for most repairs is a week and a half, however some repair centers will do rush orders, for an additional fee. It is common place for a concierge from a hotel to call on behalf of their clients with luggage repair issues that need to be handled promptly. Certain repair centers even take calls from luggage retailers who do not provide their own in-house services.

In years past, consumers could bring their luggage to a local shoe repair  shop; now with today’s specialized parts and sophisticated equipment, this is no longer an option. Designs on luggage change every six months and major changes have occurred throughout the industry over the last ten years; therefore when repairs are needed, they need to be completed by the experts who are keeping up with the evolving industry standards. Many manufacturers require the repairs to be completed by these “experts” in order for their warranties to remain valid.

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