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Travel Gift Guide: Our 5 Best Necessities

‘Tis the season to shop, and our Gift Center has a number of gift ideas perfect for the traveler in your family.  Get a head start on your shopping list for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or stocking stuffers for the holiday shopping season.


1. Pacsafe 

Prosafe 1000 TSA Approved Combination Locks can protect your things while still allowing TSA to check your bags as needed.  Very important as you travel during the holidays, especially at the airport.



2.  Victorinox Digital Luggage Scale

Don’t get caught checking your bag and THEN an overweight charge on top of it.  Lighten the load (and not your wallet) by ensuring you’re within the weight restriction of your airline with this luggage scale.



3. The Mighty Purse by Handbag Butler – Leather iPhone Smartphone Charger Wristlet (Poppy Pink shown)

Don’t get caught with your phone’s battery running out again, whether you’re in the airport terminal or out to dinner.  Hold all your essentials and be ready to recharge at a moment’s notice where ever you are.



4.   World Time Alarm with LED Flashlight

A number of features for numerous time zones, whether you’re camping or in a hotel this gadget can prove invaluable keeping time or as a flashlight.  AAA batteries means no outlet needed when you’re on  the go, and it is conveniently pocket-sized to make it easy to take along.



5. Toiletry Kits

With a wide selection of Dopp, Ricardo, Travelon, and PackSmart, toiletry kits are the unsung heroes of travel. Holding together all the amenities you might forget otherwise, and keeping them safe, secure, and most importantly, together.  Why rely on hotel shampoo and soap when you can bring your own?


Max Toy 3D Roller Bags – A Great Gift for Kids

At Irv’s Luggage we make it a point to find unique merchandise and then provide it at the best deal for you, the customer.  Just in time for the holidays, we added MaxToy 3D Roller Bags to our shelves!  This kids luggage/roller bag is normally at $125.00 but right now marked down to $99.95, a 20% savings!

The MaxToy Roller 3D Bags come in a variety of styles, including familiar children’s TV shows such as “Dora the Explorer,” “Spongebob Squarepants,” and “The Backyardigans.”


Each bag comes with a coordinated lunch bag, tupperware, and water bottle, and has an innovative three wheel system to assist the child rolling it along a staircase by either the top carry handle or retractable longer handle.


The bags are fun, adorable,  and almost guaranteed to light up a child’s face when they open their presents.  With the additions and special features it shows just how much thought went into designing this bag to have both utility and entertainment value for children.  Do not let the cartoon characters deceive you, these bags are built with a tough aluminum frame and a durable exterior, it would take some effort to significantly damage them.  The 3D styling gives them just a little extra storage as well.


With the Max Toy 3D roller bags, you’re not getting just the always Irv’s Luggage low price, you’re also getting a unique, tough, innovative, and fun product that your child will love for long after it is first opened.  When it comes to a kids roller bag, this is definitely in a class of its own.


Gift Ideas for the “Hard to Buy For”

I love everything about the holidays – festive lights on houses, the aroma of treats from the kitchen, the crispness of the air on a chilly winter morning. This time of year always seems to bring out the best in people, spreading extra generosity throughout every community. Whether you are in need of a gift for someone close like a friend or family member or perhaps an acquaintance like your next door neighbor, your child’s teacher or a co-worker, Irv’s Luggage is THE place to start your search.

We are always looking for ways to help our customers whether it is fiHarold Feinstein iPad Case nding the perfect piece of luggage for their trip or assisting them in the search for the best luggage accessories for their budget and their needs. Now, it seems like everyone and their grandmother has an iPad these days and we have a great selection of iPad cases in all price ranges. A really fun piece we carry priced at just $22 is the Harold Feinstein iPad Case White Daisy. Not only do we carry pieces with great designs, but we have zip around holders, slide in cases, and easels for iPads to suit every budget and every personality.

And, with new technology popping up everyday, you need to be extra careful Stewart Stand RFID Gusset Driving Wallet with your personal information. Stewart Stand has created some great RFID wallets and passport cases at great prices, like their stainless steel Leather Accent Passport Sleeve, which not only protects your information but is stylish as well!

Now, when you give a gift, you hope that it is well received and as unique as the recipient themselves. We offer many unique gifts on our website, some you won’t find anywhere else!

Whether you need a gift for a child or a child at heart, you won’t go wrong with Buckyballs Sidekick Buckyballs. While you may not recognize the name, you will recognize this fun item! Each set contains 216 powerful rare earth magnets that can be shaped, molded, torn apart and snapped together in unlimited ways. Make sculptures, puzzles, patterns, shapes, stick stuff to the fridge, or invent a new game—trying to find something more useful is useless.

Another great unique gift we offer can also help the environment. Eco-friendly gifts are a huge selling point for many consumers and we offer one of the best selections around. From water bottles to handbags to messenger bags you won’t go wrong with any of the eco-friendly items on this list!

Knowing just what to purchase for someone for the holidays can be an arduous task; but with some expert information and a suggestion or two, you can be the ultimate gift giver. Be sure to check out more gift suggestions at www.IrvsLuggage.com today!