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Traveling Soon? Tips for buying good luggage!

After six weeks of frequent airline travel (six airline trips in six weeks) I’ve been in a lot of airports and seen a lot of luggage.  I worked for Irv’s Luggage for over five years and now have a new job and travel quite a bit. Over the last six weeks of traveling I acquired an entirely new perspective on airline travel and more importantly for Irv’s Luggage, a brand new perspective on luggage. I guess that I have now been upgraded to a frequent flyer, as the flight attendants now know my name.  Traveling with good luggage can make a huge difference in your trip and a huge difference in how you feel about traveling.

Three things to consider when purchasing new luggage.

First, how do you travel? Do you check your bag or are you more of a carry-on luggage person? For me, I really like a carry-on, cabin bag. I had to wait this past Sunday, while one of my traveling companions  waited for her large, wheeled checked bag came off the airline carousel.  The wait wasn’t terrible, but how do you find your bag among the sea of black bags?  Impossible. Plus, no matter how pristine the luggage is when  you check it, it comes out smashed, dirty and often something is damaged or scratched.  So whenever I can, I carry my luggage on board. My choice for the best carry on luggage? Easy: Briggs and Riley 21 inch wheeled carry on bag. Durable, easy to wheel and made of ballistic nylon, this rugged carry on is my first choice for a carry on bag.  And, good news, right now the Briggs & Riley Baseline 21″ Carry On Expandable Upright Chocolate – Discontinued  is on sale at 35% off.

Second, warranty. Let’s face it, luggage gets damaged…frequently. Look for luggage that offers a lifetime warranty, or a ‘no questions asked’ type of warranty. Briggs & Riley was one of the original ‘lifetime luggage warranty’ companies, and now many luggage manufacturers offer either lifetime warranty or a ten year warranty.  Hartmann Luggage, Samsonite, Victorinox, High Sierra and even Eagle Creek offer wonderful warranties.  And, should your luggage get damaged… first, if the airline damaged the bag, then stop at the ticket counter immediately and file a claim.  Second, Irv’s Luggage offers luggage repair on virtually every major brand. So, if you need luggage repair for wheels, zippers, handles, or seams, bring it to Irv’s Luggage for all your luggage repairs – no matter what the damage is.

Last, thought… right now spinner luggage is hugely popular (vs. the typical two – wheeled luggage).  My preference of spinner luggage verses the traditional wheeled luggage: spinner luggage.  Spinner luggage is easier to wheel in an airport, down the center aisle of the airplane and virtually everywhere. And, if your luggage gets damaged, and you lose a wheel, you still have three others!  I love my new spinner luggage. If you want something other than Briggs (see paragraph above) I am also a huge fan of the new Samsonite Hyperspace Spinner 21.5″ Expandable Upright (SM 47166). Offered in black, teal and pink, this is rugged, spinner carryon luggage is spacious, durable and lightweight.

Back on the road again on Friday to lovely Memphis. This trip, my Samsonite Hyperspace will be traveling with me!



Valentines Day Gifts for Him – Briefcases for Men, Carry On Bags for Men

Valentine’s Day is almost here, have you figured out what gift to get that terrific husband or boyfriend of yours?  Come on, it is a two way street, although they won’t admit it, they too look forward to feeling special on Valentine’s Day; but remember, no flowers for the guys either ;). (See blog dtd 1/31/12)

Read on to find some unique briefcases for men, leather wallets and a golf bag any guy would love.

The 2012 top selling men’s gifts for Valentine’s Day are:

  1. Kenneth Cole Leather Briefcases – Sharp, stylish leather briefcases at very affordable prices from Kenneth Cole; including the very popular Show Business, Mind Your Own Business, Long Story and Flappy Gilmore styles!

  1. Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Leather Wallets  –  The Altius 3.0 from Victorinox Swiss Army Luggage is one of our top selling wallet collections and offers many different styles and designs including the best selling Barcelona and Athens wallets! The Antwerp Card Case has been a huge hit too!

  1. Briggs & Riley Chocolate Luggage and Briefcase Collection – Briggs & Riley is the favorite brand of road warriors the world over, both for their fabulous luggage and briefcase lines too!  Check out these terrific chocolate brown Baseline and @Work pieces on closeout for that special business man in your life!


  1. Johnston & Murphy Briefcases  –Quality high-end leather pieces with 150 yJohnston & Murphy Leather Brief Bagears of  craftsmanship and know-how behind them;  Johnston & Murphy briefcases, American-made leather goods at their finest!


  1. Hartmann Luggage and Wallets – The oldest luggage manufacturer in America, the Hartmann Luggage name is synonymous with reliability, superiority and excellence.  To really let your Valentine know you care, go with a Hartmann!!!


    1. Athalon Golf Bags – The perfect gift for the golfer in your life who is also a big football fan, the Athalon NFL Golf Trunks and the NFL Wheeled Golf Cover Bags are sure to be a winner!
    2. Crown Edition by Heys USA BioCase – The BioCase Collection is a technological innovation for luggage that puts biometric technology to work for you. Biometric technology requires fingerprint technology in order for you to access your bags. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you can relax knowing that your valuables and important documents are safely secured in your BioCase. Biocase is made of 100% German Polycarbonate, and is nearly indestructible.


Brand Name Luggage at Great Sale Prices

The end of a year can have many different meanings, including a fresh start and making new resolutions (but hopefully not breaking them!) In the luggage industry, the year’s end can mean the end of a collection or even the end of a brand. But more often that not, it means there will be a Luggage Sale on most, if not all, of the best brands. Here at Irv’s Luggage, our buyers are constantly looking to order the highest quality items at the very best prices that we can pass along to the consumer. This year, we were able to offer some of our best prices ever on the biggest (and best-selling) brands!

High Sierra Sport Company specializes in adventure travel products, with backpacks, duffel bags, and sport packs that are as rugged as you are, and justHigh Sierra AT6 32" Expandable Wheeled Duffel with Backpack Straps as versatile. If you are planning a ski/snowboard vacation this winter and taking all of the equipment along with you, you will not regret purchasing a High Sierra bag for your travels. A sturdy piece of luggage on sale now, the High Sierra AT6 32″ Expandable Wheeled Duffel with Backpack Straps has a drop bottom to hold your wet snow boots, gloves and mittens, etc in a separate compartment all while keeping your clothes safe and dry. High Sierra also offers smaller duffels, carry on bags and backpacks at great prices for those of us who are not so adventurous. Keep an eye out for a High Sierra Luggage Sale soon!

HartmanHartmann Luggagen Luggage is one of the best-known luggage brands not only for their story but for the quality of their products. As one of the oldest luggage manufacturers in America, Hartmann set the standard for top quality and distinctive luggage. Each collection shows a different persona of the Hartmann brand, but they always remain true to their name. Whenever Hartmann Luggage is on sale, you know you will be getting a great deal! From their carry-ons and totes to their spinner luggage and garment bags, there is a piece of Hartmann luggage available for everyone.

Kenneth Cole Luggage has quickly gained a following thanks to its simple, clean lines and the name recognition of their briefcases. Each new collection offers the consumer more options to choose from. Some of the most popuKenneth Cole Reaction Taking Flight 17" Expandable Wheeled Upright Carry On Red lar pieces of Kenneth Cole Checked Luggage on Sale are from the Reaction Taking Flight Collection. Available as an upright and a spinner, these bags are lightweight and stylish. The carry on has all of the amenities of a larger bag – expansion, garment restraints and a large front gusseted pocket to carry notes, magazines or plane tickets you might need on a trip – without the bulk or weight that comes with carrying a larger bag. You won’t want to miss out on the next Kenneth Cole Luggage Sale we have!

Whether you will be going on business travel for a few days, on a whirlwind adventure for a whole week or on vacation with your family, you will find the perfect luggage, briefcases and backpacks on sale at Irv’s Luggage.

The Best Luggage on the Market

As I continue my series on “staff picks” I was deciding who to interview next when I ran into Alex, our chief luggage repair specialist. Alex has been repairing luggage for over 21 years. Alex has been handling luggage, eight hours a day, five days a week, for most of his adult life; Alex was the perfect brain to pick when searching for information about luggage. Within two seconds of speaking with Alex, there was no doubt in my mind what his favorite brand of luggage was……Hartmann!!!

Hartmann has been in business for 130 years and after speaking with Alex I know why.  As our
website even states: “The Hartmann Luggage Company, for the past 130 years, has become synonymous with quality, excellence, and reliability. As one of the oldest luggage manufacturers in America, Hartmann has set the standard for top quality and distinctive luggage.”  Alex agrees wholeheartedly with all of these things; he says the quality of the Hartmann bags coming through Irv’s Luggage repair shop, one of the largest authorized repair centers in the Midwest, far outshine all the other brands.

The first question you may ask however, if this Hartmann is so great, why is it even in the repair shop?  As Alex explained when you have moving parts that are continually exposed to all kinds of abuse, no matter how well the bag is made, eventually repairs will be needed.  Poor quality luggage, or cheap luggage, has a very short life, not only because the design and materials are inferior but because the parts are of such bad quality they are non-repairable; once your “cheap” bag breaks you might as well toss it out. On the other hand, Hartmanns last a lifetime, you may need to bring it in for repairs, but you will never have to replace it!!!!

The higher quality of the materials used on a piece of luggage, the simpler the repairs are too. Hartmann luggage is so well designed that the repair work is far easier. The quality of materials and the design of these bags are just superior, especially when compared to discount luggage or discount luggage sets. Alex says Hartmann uses screws in places where many other companies use rivets.  Hartmann’s telescopic handles have a simple button you can push if anything goes wrong…….replacing the damaged handle takes minutes, while other lines can take hours! The pros far outweigh the cons on these items, especially when compared to an item you may see with a large luggage discount. As a consumer, you might be inclined to buy luggage cheap, but the quality may suffer down the line.

Another point Alex makes, other luggage manufacturers come up with new designs every six months, not Hartmann.  They have been in business for over 130 years because they stick with what works!  Per Alex very few changes have been made to the Hartmann pieces over the years because customers are so satisfied with what they already have!!!

Alex cannot say enough about Hartmann!!!  Now I understand……. when I first got my job here at Irv’s Luggage, my sister asked:  “Can you get a discount on Hartmann Luggage?”………..I suspect there are many other loyal fans out there besides Alex and my sister…..check Hartmann out today @ IrvsLuggage.com

Hartman Luggage New Zoom Collection

Hartmann Luggage is a name that has been well known among affluent travelers for over 100 years. Belting Leather, Tweed, Wings and Intensity are all familiar collections for devoted Hartmann fans.  Hartmann Luggage prices are not for the faint of heart (or short on the wallet side), but it is extremely well made luggage and as the old adage says, ‘you get what you pay for’. Hartmann has been a leader in design, craftsmanship, attention to detail and the use of top quality materials.  Located in Lebanon, Tennessee, Hartmann prides itself on designing top quality, hand crafted luggage with styles to meet the ever-changing needs of travelers. Their view has always been, to treat luggage as a fashion accessory.

So how does a well-established, high-end company adapt to the ever changing, fashion conscious consumer especially in this tough economy?  Obviously, discounting the familiar brands helps…Hartmann is running a 25% off sale on their ever-popular Intensity Collection and there is an upcoming sale on Tweed, scheduled for later in the year.

Hartmann has also introduced a new collection and priced it on sale to accommodate the financial pressure. From Studio H (a Hartmann company) the Zoom collection has launched. Priced at 40% plus an additional 20% off, the Zoom collection is described by Hartmann as “ultra light, fully featured and most durable”. The 20” Mobile Traveler includes a computer sleeve and has bottom handles for easy storage in overhead compartments and has sleek styling. Ok, so not exciting in print, but if you are a frequent flyer, the Zoom collection from Hartmann is virtually the perfect bag at a perfect price. The 20” carry on bag is sale priced at $199.99.  I may have to revisit my obsession with Briggs and Riley… the Zoom collection may, in fact, become my new favorite. Good job, Hartmann!