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Top Selling Mothers Day Gifts in 2012

Mother’s Day, once again it is that very important time of year when we honor the women who continually put our needs before their own, our mothers.  Mothers come in all shapes and sizes and while some have played (are still playing) a significant role in our lives; most mothers regardless of their circumstances do the very best job they can when it comes to raising their children. Let’s face it, no person will ever love or care for us more than our mothers!!  So this Mother’s Day let’s celebrate and thank these very important women in our lives by making them feel important and by treating them right with the purchase of a special gift! Some of the top selling Mother’s Day gifts in 2012 include: women’s travel bags, ladies wallets, laptop totes and iPad cases from Mosey, Sherpani, Clark & Mayfield, Hadaki and more!

Women’s travel bags are the perfect gift for the mother on the go, whether she is actually traveling or just trying to manage her crazy schedule while juggling her kids, her home,  her job and even her husband sometimes 🙂 over the course of an average day. Women’s travel bags from Mosey and Sherpani are terrific handbags that are lightweight, yet have all the organizational features needed to manage a busy household or while taking an exciting vacation abroad.  The Mosey and Sherpani travel bags are also wonderful gifts for mothers whose back and shoulders can no longer bear the weight of the larger, heavier, leather handbags on the market.Women's Wallets By Hobo InternationalWalletBe Women's Wallets

Ladies wallets are another special gift idea for mothers.  Mothers are continually in and out of  their wallets all day long, so why not purchase a lovely colorful, well-made ladies wallet to brighten her day and make her think of her wonderful son or daughter each time she opens it (especially when she is not opening it for you 😉 ).  WalletBe, Mywalit and Hobo International all make beautiful, colorful feminine women’s wallets that will make Mom feel extra special every time she uses it.

Laptop Totes and iPad Cases are ideal for the more modern mothers out there, whether your Mom is a career woman or just a very tech-savvy gal. The variety of business-like, professional or fun and colorful women’s laptop totes and iPad cases from Clark & Mayfield and Hadaki are amazing. A large array of colors and patterns with all the high-tech and organizational features needed, these bags are the perfect companion for mothers facing the fast paced, cyber world each and every day!

Mothers!!! Where would we be without our mothers!!! Do not forget yours this Mother’s Day!!  Check out these fabulous women’s travel bags, ladies wallets, laptop totes and iPad cases today……….because May 13th will be here in no time at all!!

A Great Choice for a Womens Laptop Business Case

Women continue to be a growing force in the workplace and with this growing force has come a growing number of business cases designed specifically for women.

Just because a woman’s role in the workplace has evolved  to be more and more like a man’s (although they still are not paid equally……but that is a subject for a  whole other blog) that does not mean women should have to give up their true feminine, fashionable selves to be part of this 21st Century work world . So say goodbye to the conservative boring masculine bags (and luggage) of the past and hello to the chic bags of today’s modern marketplace. For the modern women climbing the corporate ladder, the perfect women’s laptop business case with flair is the Bramble & Brown Greenwich East West Tote Bag.

The Bramble & Brown Greenwich East West Tote Bag is a fabulous business case because it includes: an exterior front pocket and two exterior zippered side pockets for small items; a woven satin Bramble & Brown logo lining throughout; a removable interior padded laptop sleeve with secure tab closure; an inside zippered pocket; a large interior space for file folders; 2 interior slip pockets perfect for iPhone, Blackberry or other electronic devices…..and more.

The best feature of this bag is its’ versatility; with its’ purse-like appearance (the gorgeous drummed dyed full grain leather with brushed silver hardware and stylish front buckle on the front of the bag) this business case is not only the perfect women’s business tote, it doubles as a wonderful all-around handbag as well!!!  Whether traveling around the world on business or just heading out to a local restaurant with your gal pals after work, the Bramble & Brown Greenwich East West Tote bag has a great look to compliment any outfit.

The Bramble & Brown Greenwich East West Tote Bag is now available in black and gray at great savings.  Check it out, along with the other hundred bags (yipee) designed specifically for women at Irv’s Luggage today!