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Luggage Accessories make all the difference

It’s 2:30 in the morning. You’ve just gotten off the plane at the Seattle-Tacoma airport after flying for more than 6 hours straight. You’re tired, hungry and getting impatient – the last thing you want to do is stand by that annoying carousel and attempt to figure out which piece of standard black luggage is yours.

After you stop cursing the luggage gods, you notice some pieces of wheeled luggage gliding past. First – standard black luggage. Not yours. Second – standard black luggage. Not yours. Third – standard black luggage. Again, not yours. But then you notice a two-piece luggage set, a bright cobalt blue color with two red luggage straps on each piece, coming towards you on the conveyor belt. As quickly as you saw the bags, they are gone – the owner swiftly picked up the pieces and left the baggage claim area in less than five minutes. In that one moment, you have made two decisions – one: you need to purchase some distinctive luggage and/or some travel accessories to go with your luggage and two: you will never take a late night flight ever again.

A few days after settling from your trip, the open luggage on your bedroom floor catches your eye. Yes, there is still laundry to be done; and no, you have no plans to do it right now; but you can’t help but think about how your current luggage made your recent trip more difficult than it needed to be. You begin searching the internet for luggage pieces and travel accessories that will help distinguish your luggage from someone else’s while still allowing for individuality and style to come through.

In your search, you come across some travel accessories that you recognize, but never thought twice about – luggage belts. The Lewis N Clark Quick Release Luggage BeltLewis N Clark Quick Release Luggage Belt not only keeps your luggage closed securely but it comes in fun, easy to recognize colors. One of the easiest ways to make your bags your own when using luggage belts is to use multiples and attach them in a pattern or specific design so your luggage will be easily recognizable when you are waiting at the baggage claim. Just be sure to remember how you arranged the belts!

Another great way to differentiate your luggage from someone else’s is with luggage tags. This is slightly more difficult to accomplish than with a luggage belt, but as long as you can get close enough to the luggage on the carousel, it can be very helpful. Luggage tags have come a long way from their original days of a black luggage tag with a flap that covered your personal information or a black luggage tag with no flap. We offer luggage tags in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. From your favorite hometown sports team, like the Chicago Bears, to a quirky design perfect for the artist or child in your life, geometric patterns and all, Irv’s Luggage has dozens of luggage tags ready to be added to your next purchase as the perfect gift extra.

Caribbean Joe Newport 3 piece luggage set

Now, if you are feeling very bold in your luggage search, you can almost never go wrong with colorful luggage. One surefire way to make a statement and recognize your bags almost instantly is with pink luggage. Pink luggage seems to be one of the newest and brightest trends in the luggage industry and it comes in every shape and size imaginable. You can start with something low key such as the Titan X2 Flash 15″ Beauty Case or you can go all-out with pieces like the Caribbean Joe Newport 3 Piece Expandable Luggage Set. These pink luggage pieces will be sure to stand out among a sea of black luggage.

In your search for bold and bright luggage pieces to take with you on your next trip, be sure to check out the wide selection of travel accessories and distinctive luggage pieces available at Irv’s Luggage!

Favorite Travel Accessories

As I continue with “staff picks”, I decided to address another important part of Irv’s Luggage’ business, travel accessories; I interviewed our chief accessory buyer, Andrea, who has been in the luggage business for over 39 years. Andrea talked about her four most popular and favorite travel accessories:  Luggage Tags, Luggage Locks, Money Belts, Luggage Straps and Adaptor Plugs / Converter Kits.

Luggage Tags: Andrea’s favorite luggage tags are En Route.  Not only are En Route tags easy to use, they also work very well and don’t break easily with their stretchy straps. En Route luggage tags are also very bright and colorful, just what travelers need to help identify and distinguish their luggage from the rest of the pack.

Luggage Locks: Regarding luggage locks, Andrea recommends combination locks and feels the three dial locks are the easiest to use.  Her favorite brand LCI, Lewis N Clark, have been a mainstay for Irv’s Luggage over the years.  Lewis N Clark locks are TSA approved, very rugged and dependable just like the company who makes them.

Travel Security Wallet: Andrea’s favorite brand of money belts and other travel security wallets is Eagle Creek Luggage. The Eagle Creek travel wallets are very durable, have great attention to detail, wonderful locking mechanisms and in addition, Andrea says Eagle Creek is now trying to go more “green” with their products, another great reason to buy Eagle Creek.  Best of all, Eagle Creek is a good solid company you can depend on!!!!

Adaptor Plus & Converter Kits:  Once again, Andrea has to go with LCI, Lewis N Clark, for the best adaptor plugs and converter kits.  LCI has been on the market for many years,  they are very dependable and know the business of converting and adapting energy!!!!

Check out these and all the great luggage accessories at Irv’s Luggage today!

The Importance of Luggage Tags

Where does all that lost and unclaimed luggage in the United States go? Do the airlines have a silent auction at their holiday parties?  Is it used as bonuses for the baggage handlers? Is there really a Bermuda Triangle and is that where all that lost luggage has gone?

While all those sound plausible, the truth of the matter is much of this lost, unclaimed luggage goes to a company called Unclaimed Luggage, in Scottsboro, Alabama.

Unclaimed Luggage has exclusive contracts with many US airlines. Not only are many of the lost and unclaimed bags sent there but all their content is as well.

Below is just a sampling of the unusual and valuable things found and sold over the years:

  • 40.5 carat natural emerald
  • Egyptian Artifacts dating back to 1500 B.C.
  • A special camera designed for NASA’s Space Shuttle
  • 5.8 carat diamond ring
  • A complete, neatly packed parachute
  • Barbie Doll with $500 worth of bills inside her head
  • Guidance system for an F-16 fighter jet valued at a quarter of a million dollars
  • Rattle Snake
  • Ruby valued at $13,000
  • Swiss Army watch valued at $18,000
  • Underwater Camera valued at $1,800

Over one million items pass through this store annually. Need I say more??? Buy luggage tags before heading out on your next trip!  Another tip….put a copy of your ticket inside your luggage too!

Happy and Safe Travels from Irv’s Luggage!