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New ways to RFID protect

Thieves are always looking for a new way to steal our identities and one of the most common is stealing our information using a RFID chip reader. Some of the new readers are so small that you will never know the person behind you in line has one. This isn’t new, but is becoming a bigger threat every year. The good news is that manufacturers are integrating RFID protection in more items than ever. Here are a few great new items.

One of our most popular items is an anti-theft tote. Travelon has a line of travel totes that Anti-Theft+LTD+Tote+-+Winefeature both RFID protection and other safety features, like anti-slash straps and locking zippers that will keep you safe and protected against any type of theft. This is a perfect item for overseas travel.

Another great way to guard your credit cards and other items is RFIDCollection+Italian+Leather+Passport+Cover protected waist belts. These are designed to go under your clothes so thieves don’t even know you are wearing one. What I recommend is keeping a wallet and/or purse with a few items, a small amount of cash, and maybe one credit card on you, and keep your passport and a backup credit card in your hidden waist belt.

Like to keep your passport with you? The good news is that many passport cases now have RFID protection built-in. In addition, many cases have slots for credit cards so they will be protected as well. With both leather and nylon styles available you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

RFID+Security+Waist+Stash+NaturalLastly, if you have older wallets or passport cases that you own and love, then, by all means, continue to use them. Just make sure to purchase RFID protecting sleeves for your credit cards and passports anytime you travel overseas. This is an inexpensive way to keep your information safe. Bon voyage!

How to protect your valuables while traveling

One of the owners of Irv’s Luggage recently went on a cruise in the Greek Islands. Upon his  return he approached me with a blog idea. He was amazed that everywhere he went in Greece he was given a lecture, by the cruise staff, about problems with theft.  Looking around at his fellow cruise mates he soon realized why; to quote him directly “Their travel wallets were worn like cow bells around their necks, basically alerting the thieves…. here I am, here is my money and passport, …..come rob me!”

Today there is a wide selection of travel wallets available in the marketplace.  Some are more secure than others, some cost more than others; but regardless of which money belt or neck pouch  you choose, the key to their effectiveness, is wearing them under your clothing.  A small amount of spending money or one credit card, can be placed in your wallet or handbag; however the bulk of your valuables, need to be in the travel wallet, out of sight, under your pants or shirt; and your travel wallet should not to be opened until you are in a secure place: your cabin on the ship, the tour bus or a hotel room.

Thieves are found throughout the world, I am not picking on Greece; if you are smart enough to purchase a travel wallet please be smart enough to use it properly!!! Happy and safe travels from Irv’s Luggage!