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Best Destinations to Travel to in 2015

Best Destinations to Travel to in 2015

Planning to start 2015 traveling to different destinations and just have the best experiences in your life? Then the following are perfect destinations that would make you prepare your travel backpacks!

  1. Montenegro

This is a unique vacation destination that has been overshadowed by Croatia. For many who are trying to experience a world class travel destination where luxury can be experienced, you’ll want to be sure to bring your anti-theft cross body bags with you to Montenegro.

  1. Lithuania

This is a former country of the Soviet Republic that is located in the eastern area of Denmark and Sweden. Since it will be a part of the Eurozone in 2015, you’ll get the chance to experience Lithuania in the same way European travelers do. There are many attractions within the country, most especially the beaches. To enjoy these places, you should bring your waterproof cases and just enjoy the adventure that awaits you in the latest EU country.

  1. Namibia

Being in its 25th year as an independent country, Namibia is definitely a country considered a jewel in Africa. If you want to appreciate the beauty of the natural environment, then this country is a worthy destination to visit. Don’t forget to bring your travel shoulder bag so that you can carry everything you need with on your excursion into the African landscape.

These are just a few of the perfect destinations that should top your list of places to visit in 2015.

Marker Ski Bags – Time to Plan a Ski Trip

Now that the holidays are behind us, many people dread the next couple months of freezing temperatures……. Not me, I think of the first quarter of the year as prime ski time; the best stretch of winter to get away from the arctic cityscape by traveling to the picturesque slopes of the west.  Whether it’s Vail, Keystone, Snowbird, Park City, Telluride, Jackson Hole etc….there is no better time to let Mother Nature take your breath away as you are traversing across the mountain at unfathomable speeds with her spectacular scenery as your backdrop!

However, before heading out, be sure to have the right gear, including a Marker Ski Bag! Marker Ski Bags, constructed of high density sport cloth and fully padded from end to end; holding skis up to 160 – 175 cm in length with self healing nylon coil zippers, exterior adjustable web cinches with Fastex clips and padded top handles…….All of which will ensure you skis arrive in as good of shape as you do!

Go ahead plan that trip, the mountain tops are beckoning, life is too short! For all your travel and luggage needs visit Irv’s Luggage today!!